Adam Kokesh Makes First Known Crypto Transaction Behind Bars

In what is likely another world first for the former Marine and author, Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh has made the first crypto currency transaction behind bars.


Adam was arrested within 40 minutes of formally announcing his candidacy for President of the United States on Tuesday. During the traffic stop that eventually lead to his arrest, Adam initiated a crypto transaction using the popular website which was accepted. However, Adam was not able to confirm the transaction until hours later as he was turning his phone into the jailers.

That transaction was carried out within the next 30 minutes.

Although crypto currencies have been used to bail people out of jail numerous times, this is the first known instance of a transaction actually taking place behind bars.

Adam Kokesh is a strong supporter of crypto currencies and was arrested while he was traveling to attend the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL.

Kokesh has pledged to localize, liberate, or liquidate every federal agency in order to enact the peaceful, orderly dissolution of the entire US Federal Government.

To support Adam’s campaign using crypto currency, you can visit
and follow the instructions.

Libertas Perfundet Omnia Luce,

Ben Farmer
Chief Strategist

The Blackout of Adam Kokesh

Adam is being held in Wise, Texas under suspicious circumstances. I spoke with him earlier today and he asked me to write something about what is going on. First of all, I should introduce myself. I am the Press Secretary for the Adam Kokesh American Referendum Project, Adam’s Presidential Campaign.


This past Tuesday, January 16th 2018, Adam announced his bid for the Libertarian Nomination for the President of the United States. Around 40 minutes later, he was pulled over by Texas police officers not once, but twice while on his way to a Bitcoin conference in Miami. After demanding that he turn off his camera and after bringing police dogs to search “No Force One”, his RV, they arrested him. He is still in jail.

The media has said nothing. A candidate for President from the 3rd largest political party in the country has been jailed and instead, the media is talking about what Trump had for dinner. I was involved with Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012 and we experienced a Media Blackout of Dr. Paul. It paled in comparison to what is happening to Adam Kokesh. There is no media presence whatsoever. I have to give credit to one exception, Reason Magazine, which published a small article about the arrest. The silence is deafening.

The founders of this country believed in a free press and said it was necessary as a watchdog on government. John Adams wrote, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” (John Adams, A Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law.)Thomas Jefferson said, “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” (Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr.James Currie, 28 Jan. 1786) I could go on and on.

Adam is again taking up the cause of FREEDOM as those long dead heroes did. Again, we are confronted by a government that strips away rights such as freedom of press without a second thought. I, for one, will not sit down and take it. Over the past few days I and his campaign have tirelessly spent hours contacting the media asking them to cover this important act of aggression by the Texas Government. They have not listened. We are few and you are many. Adam asked me to have you call as many media outlets as possible. Below is a list that you can start with to contact the media. There are phone numbers, email addresses, and contact pages. It is time for us to show that freedom is not dead and we demand a free press. Join me in stopping The Blackout of Adam Kokesh!

Thank you,

-Marcus Pulis

Media Outlets:
Drudge Report – web site, comment section towards the bottom,

The New York Times- phone – 844-698-6397, email- [email protected]

New York Post- phone – 212-930-8288, email- [email protected]

The Washington Post – phone – 202-334-6000

Washington Times – phone – 202-636-4939, email- [email protected]

The Boston Globe – phone – 617-929-7483

All Things Considered, NPR, hosts- Robert Siegel, Audie Cornish, Ari Shapiro, Kelly McEvers and Michel Martin- contact page-

C-SPAN – phone – 202-737-3220, email- [email protected]

NBC – phone – 212-664-4444

ABC – phone – 917-260-7700

FOX – phone – 202-895-3000

CBS – phone – 202-895-5999

Infowars, host Alex Jones contact page-

The Glenn Beck Program, contact page-

The Savage Nation- host- Michael Savage, contact page-

Chad Benson Show – phone – (844) 344-2423, email- [email protected]

Dennis Miller, contact page-

The Dana Show- host- Dana Loesch, email- [email protected]

The New Yorker- email- [email protected]

People – phone – 1-212-522-6699, email- [email protected]

Rolling Stone- email- [email protected]

Drug War. Fear. Libertarians. #TimesUp


Drug War. Fear. Libertarians. #TimesUp

If there is no victim, there is no crime; for possession itself is never a crime. If you falsely arrest someone who has committed no crime, then YOU are the criminal. In the drug war, those who have chosen the side of Darwin instead of the side of the people, are the criminal aggressors standing on the wrong side of history, and they will be judged for the evil they have wrought upon this earth.

Today is Thursday January 18th, 2018 and you are listening to ADAM VS THE MAN coming to you live from cell D-27 at the Wise County Jail in Decatur, Texas behind drug war enemy lines. For 3 days I have been denied my basic human rights as a prisoner of the United States and international law. I have not been provided any paperwork about my case or my charges despite repeated requests; and I have not been allowed to meet with my attorney. My bail has been set at $80,000 which is to say that an innocent man has been kidnapped by the government and is being held for ransom.

The Wise County bond system is a shakedown racket that needs to go. They say that I can be released if I pay $6,000 of which I would never see again. They’re doing this and harassing innocent Americans every day and the war on drug users because they want us to be afraid. Well, in the Marines, they forgot to teach us to be afraid. They taught us not to negotiate with terrorists, and certainly not acquiesce to their demands without a fight.

Well today I would rather fight than buy my freedom. Thanks to our supporters on Steemit, we have raised more than enough money to pay off the terrorists, but I have instructed my staff to donate that money to the Libertarian Party instead. If you’re not already, please become a member of the LP by going to

I’m also excited to announce two nominations for the party, but first, the reasons. I am running for the Libertarian Party nomination of president in 2020 in order to dissolve the entire federal government in a peaceful and orderly manner. My opposition is the pro-pedophile Bill weld, who is launching his campaign unofficially this weekend with a documentary produced by a convicted pedophile. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bill weld is also a Hillary Clinton supporter. You would think that being a big government Massachusetts Republican would disqualify him from representing Libertarians.

Which brings us to our next two pedophilia protectors in the party, chair Nick Sarwark, and Vice Chair Arvin Vohra. Sarwark has already defended Cara Schultz who was hired recently as a candidate recruiter despite the fact that she has publicly defamed LP candidates including myself without apology or retraction. In 2018, it’s time to clear house at the top of the LP. If we are to be the party of principle, we must rid ourselves of liars like Cara Schultz. We must universally condemn and reject candidates like pro pedophile Bill weld. We must make it clear that someone like Vice Chair Arvin Vohra does not represent us when he publicly supports pedophilia. We must not let a pedophile sympathizer, protector of liars, or even someone who is not willing to stand up to the establishment like Nick Sarwark lead our party to ruin. We must not allow ourselves to be vulnerable to infiltration from political enemies or COINTEL PRO type government agents.

So I am happy today to announce my nomination of two of my longtime friends, as well as longtime friends of the party and freedom itself, Erin Adams of Oklahoma for LNC chair, and Carla Howell of Massachusetts for Vice Chair. I hope they will join me in ensuring that the LP can be all that it can be. We must hang together or surely, we will all hang separately. They have subjected me to this recent and Justice because they want us to be afraid, to cower, and to feel small and weak. However, the “Freedom!” movement gets bigger and stronger every single day; despite the fact that I was set up for false arrest on the day that I announce my candidacy. There has been a shameful mainstream media blackout of this incident, but I am sure they will be happy to cover pro-pedophile Bill Weld and his pedophile coming out documentary, because they want Americans to think that’s what represents Libertarians.

We will still have to work extra hard to get our message out and demand that the mainstream media portray us fairly with equal time just like the old parties, and interpreted honestly as champions of a message of universal human rights, ethics, peace, and love. Maybe they never will because they know that if the American people knew they had a choice that they could vote for freedom, that if they finally had a choice to vote for no one to be president and finally free America, they will.

Time is up. The game is almost over. The Libertarian Party far better represents the American people better than the Democrats or Republicans. There are more Americans who believe in Freedom from the drug war. There are more Americans who believe in freedom from the terror war. There are more Americans who believe in freedom from the government.

And that is why an American Freedom will win!

Stop the Media Black Out

Adam announces his run for President. Adam gets arrested. Adam goes to court. Adam does not get to see what he has been charged with. Adam goes back to his frigid jail cell.

In a very obvious coop to keep Adam caged, the government is getting their way. Adam is still not being released.

But do you know what else is disturbing? The media have blacked him out. They did the same thing to Ron Paul. We have to do something. We have to let them know that we will not tolerate a mainstream media controlled by the government who will not provide equal coverage.

If they do not cover Adam, it is no different than contributing to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Let’s tell them, they do not decide what we want to be reported to us. We will not tolerant anymore unfair coverage.

Call each of the outlets below and tell them there will be a rally to #FinallyFreeAdam outside of the Wise County Jail tomorrow from 1030 AM CT to 130 PM CT. We expect them to be there and to report on the next President of the United States!

Can you take 15 minutes right now and call each of these numbers and remind them that their audience wants to know what happened to Adam Kokesh?

KTXS- main line- 325-677-2281, tips line- 325-672-5897

FOX 4- main line- 214-720-4444, tips- 1-800-677-5339

SBGTV- #- 410-568-1500

Star- Telegram- news managing editor Lee Williams #- 817-390-7840

Express News- main # 1800-456-7411

Statesman- news#- 512-445-3851

Hearst- San Antonio express#- 210-250-3000

Houston Chronicle#- 713-220-7171

TWC News#- Spectrum News, Austin- 512-531-8800

Reporter News- 325-673-4271

Reporter 3#- 1-800-Texas13

Muckrack- 212-500-1883

News Channel 15#- 254-757-2525


I’ve been here in Decatur, TX all day and here’s the situation:

Adam’s bail has been set around $76,000. I negotiated with a bondsman (who has been really helpful since yesterday) and in order to get Adam out today, we would need to come up with $6,000. Obviously, we want that lowered. This is where you come in-

CALL FLOOD REQUESTED! Contact District Attorney, Barry Green’s office, and ask them to lower the bail for Adam Kokesh since he was illegally searched, created no victim, and the case is going to be dismissed anyway. DA Barry Green can be reached at 940-627-5257

Also requesting CALL FLOOD TO THE JAIL where Adam is being detained! It is very cold in Texas right now and Adam’s requests for an extra blanket have been denied, despite the fact that his permanent disabilities sustained while in the Marine Corps are made more painful by cold temperatures. The Wise County Jail’s number is 9406275975.

Time is running short to get these calls in today! Let’s flood ‘em!

-Ben Farmer


Adam Kokesh Announces Candidacy for President and is Immediately Arrested.

We did know this would happen. GET ADAM OUT OF JAIL HERE!

Longtime activist and former Marine, Adam Kokesh, made a celebratory announcement today that he has officially filed all paperwork necessary to run as a candidate for the office of United States President in 2020.
That announcement took place around 12:30pm EST. At 12:40pm EST he was pulled over by Texas State Troopers for swerving and having suspicious tags on No Force One, his tour bus. A brief encounter took place before the tour bus’ ownership was established (Adam has a lease-to-own agreement with the bus’ owner) and Adam was allowed to go free.
Approximately 40 minutes later Adam was pulled over once again, this time for driving speeding along the Texas highway. This encounter was far more aggressive. State Troopers continually escalated the situation until bringing in a K-9 unit which “alerted,” near a storage compartment on the RV. Adam’s dog, Baloo, was also inside the RV.
At that point the State Troopers commanded Adam to turn off his camera and they proceeded to search and seize. He was then arrested and is being held with no charges currently.
We have to fight this injustice. Can you contribute now, to keep this fight alive?
Adam just finished a 4-month long tour across the country in November where he was not pulled over once. Are we to believe that this is just coincidence that he is pulled over twice within the hour after announcing his candidacy?
Along that tour we talked many times about how, “It would get ugly.” Well, here it is, folks.