Fifth Annual Jackalope Freedom Festival Aug 1-8th



♥August 1st – August 8th 2016♥

The fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival, is just around the corner and Macey and I are very excited to be going for the first time. This year’s non-event is titled Jackfest V “The Jackalope Love and Agorism Festival” Non-Event #DecentralizeLife. The theme has been different every year, but the underlying idea of leave me aloneism and the non-aggression principle, is what continues to make this gathering of humans successful year after year.

Jackfest V, is free to Camp, Vend, and Attend. Its motto is, “Where spontaneous order happens naturally, without any force, coercion, or aggression.” The main camping area is in Baca Meadows every year. As the festival continues to grow, there are many unoccupied areas of the forest, individuals or groups of people could set up. A view of the google map on the website will give you an idea of the size of the forest, and its limitless opportunity.

From the Website:
The camping festival is held on National Forest Land.Entrance to Black Canyon Lake is at the corner of Rim Road (260) and Forest Road 300 Sitgreaves National Forest, Forest Lakes Estates, AZ 85931.

The Jackalope is going Camping: Aug 1st – Aug 8th 2016. There are no immediate bathrooms or showers in the area (Sponsor A Port a Potty). There is no water or electricity access. Bring your generators and RV’s if you need electricity! Humans are encouraged to bring things others traveling from far away might need access too. Any extra generators/toilet and shower equipment/cooking equipment etc. The elevation is 7,600 ft there, it averages at 82 degrees!

All artists, activists, people who are self sustainable and any other freedom loving person following the (NAP) non aggression principle is welcome. The Jackalope Freedom Festival is where liberty loving individuals come to be left alone to connect with each other. The Jackalope would also like to encourage any cob home specialists, natural builders, land patent specialists and agorists to come. The Jackalopes love Live music playing at all times, so bring it on musicians! See you all there!

Bernie Sanders VS Adam Kokesh, Socialism VS Voluntaryism, Roger Ver’s $100k debate challenge

Bernie Sanders has come to represent the new socialist movement in America. This gives us an incredible opportunity to address his supporters in a rational, courteous, and dignified way. Fortunately for us right now, we have Roger Ver on the side of freedom and he has laid out an incredible challenge here. Please share this video and share FREEDOM! with every Bernie Sanders supporter you know! Stay tuned for another awesome video release tomorrow of my interview with the head of LA for Bernie. Subscribe here if you haven’t yet!

My First Week at Freedom Ranch

By Michael Kastelnik

Michael is an army veteran who is much better now. He has a great work ethic and a broad skill set, and we are grateful to have him helping out at Freedom Ranch. For more about the project, click here

I’ve been staying on the property for several days now. For someone who likes seeing all the beautiful areas of this country, I’m glad I’ve come to this place. Having grown accustomed to all the amenities and conveniences of city life, it does take some flexibility to adjust to living here during the construction phase; it’s a kind of extended camping trip. I’m currently in a tent that is, oddly enough, twice the size of my old apartment.


You clearly see the necessities of life pretty quickly when you’re standing on open soil and the nearest supply store is the better part of an hour away. It is a nice reality check. It’s also a great learning experience. Just the mechanics of the outdoor shower—the heating up of clean water with a propane burner, the hand pump utilized to generate water pressure, the conservation of water to last through the last rinse off, the refilling for the next person—are in themselves lessons on how stuff works for our benefit. Just using this little technology is as trippy for me as walking around the property. It’s easy to imagine ambulating on a Martian surface as was portrayed in a recent film. But also like the film’s protagonist achieves, Adam is attempting to eventually convert human waste into nutritious food right here with his sapioponic garden. I’m curious to see how it tastes.


The thing that really makes it worthwhile is the people. We are all doing something new and interesting, and engaging in conversation about it is half the fun. Sharing meals together is a naturally intimate event, and there has been plenty sharing so far. This is our temporary home as well as workplace, so it is easy to quickly see each other as we are. And there’s something almost addictive about sitting around a blazing fire under a clear Southwestern starry sky while talking about life and casually discussing religion and politics (the two topics that we tell ourselves are off-limits in polite company.) There’s plenty of work to be done, but it’s a welcomed challenge.


When Surviving turns into Homesteading

When does just surviving off the grid turn into Homesteading? I guess everyone may have a different view of this.

As our family transitions off the grid once again, starting on RAW land with no Utilities or Internet, we enter the isolation zone. Although we are not the only family going through it alone this time. Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin are doing it with us, or rather we have joined their efforts to establish FREEDOM RANCH and the Freedom Homestead Academy.

As our work intensifies, I find it hard to give us a title. I have been working on organizing the shipping container delivery, internet, volunteers, ordering merchandise, and transitioning our family from Oracle, Arizona to Juniperwood (near Ash Fork) with our 16-month-old son Neo, and our cat Rocket.

On our way through the valley we had to make many stops. One was to see our friend Greg, who very graciously had let us borrow his 1000 watt solar panels since we went off the grid last July. Brian stopped at his house to drop off the solar panels, and Rocket escaped. We decided to leave him, and pick him up the next day. We stayed in front of his family’s house the first night, boondocking on a public street. Brian’s mom made us dinner, and Neo got some time with his grandparents. The next morning we picked up Rocket and it was on to the next stop.

Ananda and Xander welcome us to their “1 Full House Homestead” every time we pass through. It is always an important stop for us, due to the fact that they are growing their own food. This allows our family to help them in exchange for organic home grown food. There is nothing healthier then the food you grow for yourself and your family (as long as you are not poisoning it). Here is the video of their chickens that we will be butchering in March, when we come back to the valley to help them. I am also hoping to pick up a Cluck N’ Feeder for our chickens in Ash Fork.

On the way up the hill into Prescott, the transmission in the Jeep died. We knew it was only a matter of time, but things like this always seem to happen on big trips. So we had to go to Concho to get my Jeep that we left there. Patrick had graciously allowed us to store some of our things there while we on the solar job in Oracle. I only wish we could have stayed longer, as Patrick is the kind of family people hope to have in life. We will never be able to thank him enough for the support he offered us.

As I sit here now at 5:45 in the morning….Brian just left to head back to Oracle in my Jeep. I really just hope that I can spend the next two days settling in. There is so much work to be done. As a mom, activist, and the Project Coordinator of the first Sapioponic House EVER created, I can’t help but be thankful that we are not alone. It is important that we share our thoughts during these getting off the grid times, so that when time comes for you to do it, you can learn from our good times and bad. You will be able to see what we choose to do during times of dispute, and how we find resolution.

Brian has a few days left in Oracle. The batteries have arrived, and we can leave our client with a fully functional off-grid solar system. It is refreshing to have almost finished the biggest job our family has worked on as agorists. Once Brian is done, he will be headed back to Ash Fork with our new solar panels. I’ll give you the details at a later time, but this might be the most exciting news. Our family will have reached a whole new level of freedom, and so will have Adam and Macey. The freedom solar brings to individuals and families brings us one step closer to self-sufficiency.

Homesteading is not about disconnecting so much as it is about displacing coercive relationships with voluntary ones, and the better voluntary relationships you have with your family, friends, neighbors, and community, the better the experience will be. I brought some plants up here with me, I still have to bring them inside every night, but as soon as the frost is over, they will be going in the ground.

For me, I felt like I arrived at “the homestead” the moment I got here. Being out in the desert with the trees, far away from the constant noise and the city lights, I feel serene. I feel at home. I feel closest to the earth and in harmony with nature. I know that may sound like some tree hugging stuff, but when it comes down to it, I guess that’s exactly what it is. I love the trees, I love the desert, I love the freedom.

How we bring back the podcast …

patreon profileIn the past, I’ve had a radio show and a TV show, but I think we’re all happier here on the internet, and the financial support of people who care about the message of freedom has always been essential to keeping my media production independent. Please pledge to support our video production and I will get back to regular production, first covering the homesteading project, and eventually resuming regular daily commentary and activism productions. The more support we have here, the better the production will be! I have consistently delivered competitive and compelling media on little to no budget since going independent, and I only plan to increase the quality with your help! Remember, it’s all about freeing minds, and empowering people to live more free. At some point, you benefited from someone making your awakening possible with their generosity. Now is your chance to pay it forward. Please support our Patreon campaign and check out my brief message below.

The official pre-announcement …

is live at

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I plan to run for President of the United States in 2020 to peacefully dissolve the entire federal government in 4 years.

We are working quietly behind the scenes to make this successful and plan to formally launch in September 2017. The most important thing you can do to help now is wake up as many people as you can to the nature of government. Give people hope that we can move past the violent statist paradigm with localization. One of the most efficient ways to do this is with our book, FREEDOM! You can get it for free in every digital format including audiobook on our website, where you can also order paper copies, read our blog, sign up for our email list, and find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our YouTube channel.

The time in between …

camping bannerDespite the fact that we’re supposed to be catching up on administrative tasks right now and enjoying some time to relax in between the end of the tour and the beginning of buying land and building our home (and restarting a daily podcast and merch operation and …) the hits just keep on coming! We are happy to announce that our downloads of FREEDOM! are well over a million now and the third printing of FREEDOM! is on its way from China. If you’d like free books, sign up for our email list for the announcement when they arrive. Thanks to a generous donor, we’ll be able to send you books for just the cost of shipping, but only for a few days!

While we were in Seattle visiting my family for Thanksgiving, we had an unplanned run in with some #BlackLivesMatter protesters who made racist insults at my mother. Fortunately, we got it on camera and the video was shared by Drudge, which was good for a lot of views. Please watch to the end, as the message is as important as the spontaneous theatrics.

I’ve also had a few more adventures in legal-land, so please check out some of our other recent YouTube videos for more on those shenanigans. All I need now is a government-licensed shrink to tell a judge that I’m not crazy for not loving the government for its wars and police state and “justice” system and massive rip-offs. You see, in the eyes of the statists, if you don’t like their “official” violence, you must be crazy. Fortunately, many of you called in to the judge and the DC probation department to lobby for my freedom and I had so much fun defending myself in court, I might just try to do it again. Just kidding. We’ve got bigger problems now.

The tour is nearly over and what a long strange trip it’s been! We’ve had our home confiscated, two blowouts, two court appearances, 4 citations, 5 probation officers, a dozen vehicle breakdowns, and a whole lotta love! So to wrap things up this next week, we’ll have an event in San Francisco this Sunday the 20th, Fresno on the 21st, LA on the 23rd, and San Diego (Moonlight Beach, Encinitas) on the 24th. And yes, I’ll be bringing my new government jewelry. (GPS ankle bracelet monitor)
After the tour, Macey will be going home to Wisconsin to visit friends while I take the Earthship Academy in October. In November, we hope to buy a piece of land near Flagstaff to homestead and establish the Freedom Homestead Academy where we plan to host workshops on living by the values of freedom. If you’re interested in helping out with volunteer time, construction materials, expertise, or you just want a building with your name on it, drop us a line at We might be inviting people to join us as soon as December, and when we’re done, we’ll have a big wedding party!
As always, we need your help keeping the lights on for FREEDOM! and now we are ready to get settled into a new phase of activism. We have distributed nearly 15,000 copies of the book, but even more impressively, we’ve gotten over 400,000 downloads of all the various digital versions. Now we have thousands of activists all over the country waiting for more paper copies of the book to use to spread the message. As we’ve been running out of books and have just enough for the end of the tour, it’s been tough to tell the most enthusiastic young activists I know, “You’ll just have to wait until we raise the money and make arrangements for the next printing.” Well, now we’ve made the arrangements and it’s time to raise the money! It turns out, that we will be able to get the next 10,000 copies of FREEDOM! printed FOR UNDER $5,000!
We also plan to bring back the daily podcast and the more monthly contributors we have, the more quality content we’ll be able to deliver. Of course, we’re also going to need the next 10,000 books a lot quicker than this one and want to keep getting them out there!
Thanks again to everyone who made the tour possible and who have made our activism possible! Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we will wake up humanity one mind at a time.


PS If you can’t contribute cash, I know you can contribute a phone call to the cause. This was a fun one: