Announcing the Freedom Homestead Academy

As part of our mission to spread the message of FREEDOM! and empower people to live more free through education, The FREEDOM! Fund is in the process of establishing the Freedom Homestead Academy near Flagstaff, Arizona where we’ll be able to experiment with alternative building techniques, develop and distribute new open-source technologies for homesteading, and produce videos and other educational materials on all subjects relating to free living. If you are interested in helping us by donating, (materials, equipment, time, etc) consulting, teaching, working, learning, or just camping out and helping in your own way, please send us an email at We hope to be set up to host a one month Freedom┬áHomestead Workshop in July of 2016. If you are interested in attending the workshop or any other public events we will be hosting, please be sure to sign up to our email list.

Classes we intend to offer:
Aquaponics, Gardening, Greenhouses, Chickens, Other food animals, Slaughter/butcher, Cooking, Composting, Self-defense, Community Safety, Survival, Home security, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, First aid, Making toiletries, Welding, Woodworking, Off-grid power, Furniture making, How to navigate the legal system, Bitcoin & alternative currencies, Personal finance, Non-Violent Communication, Buying land, Pottery, Making clothes, 3D printing, Candle-making, Knife-making, Knitting, Home birth, Raising free-range children, Unschooling, Handling/riding horses, Glassblowing, Marketing/barter, Auto maintenance/selection for homesteaders, Brewing beer, wine, etc. Construction: Earthship, underground, cordwood, ceramic, earthbag, geodesic, compressed earth, cob, stone, straw bale.