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Moving from the sidelines to the playing field

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Moving from the sidelines to the playing field
« on: August 10, 2017, 07:22:32 AM »


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I have been an inactive and hypocritical Libertarian for far too many years and I am here to find like minded people so that I can become active and support the cause of freedom.

I first began following Adam on YouTube several years ago, at the time he was battling the TSA. I could relate because for nearly 2 years I worked on a project at the airport and my crews were constantly subject to harassment and radiation by the TSA. Adam v. The Man was one of 3 channels that I subscribed to for many years. I know I need to get out more.

A bit about me:
I live in Michigan with my wife and 3 teenage children. We own our home (aside from paying rent to the city) in a lower middle class neighborhood in the suburbs north of Detroit. I currently work in construction management. I am a bit nervous about how becoming an active freedom activist will affect my employment since I do have 4 other people that depend on me for financial support.

I am also an Army Veteran with a combined total of 8.5 years active and reserve with overseas tours in Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. I was promoted ahead of my peers and was proud of my service until spending time in the middle east in support of an unjust war against generally peaceful and historically oppressed people.

Last year I attended the Wayne County Regional Police Academy where I earned multiple awards. Despite my service record, my work history, my high test scores, and my academy accolades, I found it difficult if not impossible to gain employment in the enforcer class. I am certain that this relates to my history of questioning and confronting immoral/unethical and unconstitutional behavior by people who view themselves as "authority". This type of behavior ultimately led to a kidnapping by the local police department and theft of my car, firearm and other personal property. After paying nearly $800 in ransom, I was able to collect my belongings (and my person) and all charges were ultimately reduced to a seat belt violation (I was wearing a seat belt, but agreed to the DAs proposed settlement) and cost me another $60.

I have close family members that are active in local and state politics, but I do not support most, if any, of their views.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting others on here and also looking for other resources to connect with Free thinkers and activists. I feel that the time is now for me to put my ass on the line for the future of our society.