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I am back

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I am back
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:03:54 AM »


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Some of you may know me, from the old ATVM board, as that guy who wrote Christian Freedom!.
Others of you may know me as the guy who makes outrageous statements, challenging modern accepted dogma about Christianity.

And finally there are a few of you who unfortunately know me as that tall fat guy who doesn't mind lifting and helping when he can, but is generally too fat to help too much. That guy who makes insulting comments on accident, because if it didn't happen in front of him, it probably didn't happen in his eyes. Also the guy who made dinner, and thought that it sucked, even though people liked it.

Now that y'all know me, know that I am not in that dark place any more. Mostly because I have identified an addition, and I am still finding festering in more than one place. What is bad is that this addiction is two fold. So rather than bore you with details, just sorry for my past, and looking forward to my future. Also

I am thanking FB for blocking my account. They forced a mirror into my face when it happened.