Stop the Media Black Out

Adam announces his run for President. Adam gets arrested. Adam goes to court. Adam does not get to see what he has been charged with. Adam goes back to his frigid jail cell.

In a very obvious coop to keep Adam caged, the government is getting their way. Adam is still not being released.

But do you know what else is disturbing? The media have blacked him out. They did the same thing to Ron Paul. We have to do something. We have to let them know that we will not tolerate a mainstream media controlled by the government who will not provide equal coverage.

If they do not cover Adam, it is no different than contributing to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Let’s tell them, they do not decide what we want to be reported to us. We will not tolerant anymore unfair coverage.

Call each of the outlets below and tell them there will be a rally to #FinallyFreeAdam outside of the Wise County Jail tomorrow from 1030 AM CT to 130 PM CT. We expect them to be there and to report on the next President of the United States!

Can you take 15 minutes right now and call each of these numbers and remind them that their audience wants to know what happened to Adam Kokesh?

KTXS- main line- 325-677-2281, tips line- 325-672-5897

FOX 4- main line- 214-720-4444, tips- 1-800-677-5339

SBGTV- #- 410-568-1500

Star- Telegram- news managing editor Lee Williams #- 817-390-7840

Express News- main # 1800-456-7411

Statesman- news#- 512-445-3851

Hearst- San Antonio express#- 210-250-3000

Houston Chronicle#- 713-220-7171

TWC News#- Spectrum News, Austin- 512-531-8800

Reporter News- 325-673-4271

Reporter 3#- 1-800-Texas13

Muckrack- 212-500-1883

News Channel 15#- 254-757-2525


I’ve been here in Decatur, TX all day and here’s the situation:

Adam’s bail has been set around $76,000. I negotiated with a bondsman (who has been really helpful since yesterday) and in order to get Adam out today, we would need to come up with $6,000. Obviously, we want that lowered. This is where you come in-

CALL FLOOD REQUESTED! Contact District Attorney, Barry Green’s office, and ask them to lower the bail for Adam Kokesh since he was illegally searched, created no victim, and the case is going to be dismissed anyway. DA Barry Green can be reached at 940-627-5257

Also requesting CALL FLOOD TO THE JAIL where Adam is being detained! It is very cold in Texas right now and Adam’s requests for an extra blanket have been denied, despite the fact that his permanent disabilities sustained while in the Marine Corps are made more painful by cold temperatures. The Wise County Jail’s number is 9406275975.

Time is running short to get these calls in today! Let’s flood ‘em!

-Ben Farmer


Adam Kokesh Announces Candidacy for President and is Immediately Arrested.

We did know this would happen. GET ADAM OUT OF JAIL HERE!

Longtime activist and former Marine, Adam Kokesh, made a celebratory announcement today that he has officially filed all paperwork necessary to run as a candidate for the office of United States President in 2020.
That announcement took place around 12:30pm EST. At 12:40pm EST he was pulled over by Texas State Troopers for swerving and having suspicious tags on No Force One, his tour bus. A brief encounter took place before the tour bus’ ownership was established (Adam has a lease-to-own agreement with the bus’ owner) and Adam was allowed to go free.
Approximately 40 minutes later Adam was pulled over once again, this time for driving speeding along the Texas highway. This encounter was far more aggressive. State Troopers continually escalated the situation until bringing in a K-9 unit which “alerted,” near a storage compartment on the RV. Adam’s dog, Baloo, was also inside the RV.
At that point the State Troopers commanded Adam to turn off his camera and they proceeded to search and seize. He was then arrested and is being held with no charges currently.
We have to fight this injustice. Can you contribute now, to keep this fight alive?
Adam just finished a 4-month long tour across the country in November where he was not pulled over once. Are we to believe that this is just coincidence that he is pulled over twice within the hour after announcing his candidacy?
Along that tour we talked many times about how, “It would get ugly.” Well, here it is, folks.

Lower the voting age to zero or raise it to infinity


In the United States, you can enlist in the military at age seventeen. You can drive and pay taxes on your income at sixteen. You can be tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison at age eleven. But you can’t vote until you’re eighteen. If kids are the future, they should have a say in it!

While historically, most adults have opposed lowering the voting age on the grounds that “children” are not mature enough to vote, since Trump and Obama, it’s been impossible to say that with a straight face.

America has shown the way forward by ending (mostly) race and gender discrimination in voting. Now it’s time to end age discrimination too!

I say if you’re old enough to fill out a voter registration form on your own, you’re old enough to vote!

Of course, understanding what government is requires this to be put into context. Because government is an illegitimate, unethical institution, no one has a RIGHT to vote, but since governments hide behind that for their legitimacy, it should be attacked. Unless you are voting in a voluntary situation like a company or community organization, voting for a ballot measure to reduce the violence of government, or voting for someone to abolish an office, voting is an attempt to choose someone else’s leaders for them.

The fact that government says you magically get a new set of rights on your eighteenth birthday that you didn’t have the day before reveals the arbitrary nature of rights when defined by government. When I was a kid, I really resented age discrimination and I promised myself that when I crossed that line, I wouldn’t forget the people still on the other side.

This isn’t just a matter of principle, but as with most of the times we apply our principles, we find positive outcomes. Young people tend to vote libertarian more than old people. In other words, the older that Americans get, the more likely they are to vote for the old parties instead of voting Libertarian. It’s as if the older they get, the less they care about the future! “Screw it! It’s never worked before, but I’ll just vote Republican/Democrat again!” Kids have way more skin in the game for the long run, and allowing the youth to be involved in politics without withholding their rights for arbitrary reasons will only accelerate the demise of the coercive state.

10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Help End the Fed

Ending the Fed has long been one of the primary goals of the liberty movement. Ron Paul famously wrote the book, “End the Fed,” and since then it has served as a rallying cry for people who understand that the Federal Reserve System and the fractional reserve banking practices it empowers are the largest and most pervasive frauds perpetrated on a civilized society. By turning the money supply into nothing but a ledger of debt owed to the Federal Reserve, it guarantees that all money flows into just a fewpockets. There is only one declared candidate for president who believes in the potential of Crypto Currencies as well as the use of political action to end the Federal Reserve Bank.


Adam Kokesh has been shouting, “End the Fed!” since the Ron Paul years and has never stopped. Here’s his speech from the Philadelphia End The Fed Block Party from earlier this year:


And here is a list of Ten Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Help Adam Kokesh End the Fed.

Change your WiFi name to “

Follow Adam on Steemit by going to and clicking on that “follow” button

Join the 985 Club by committing to donate $9.85 per month in 2018 by clicking on

Add the Kokesh2020 banner to your Facebook and Twitter profiles to spread the message

Change your default landing page to to keep up-to-the-moment on any news from the Kokesh campaign and SEO.

Follow Adam on YouTube here

Join Adam’s Freedom Family on Facebook here:

At pub quizzes use the team name “Kokesh2020”

Change all of your gamer profiles to some version of “Kokesh2020” “EndtheFed” “KokeshforPresident” “FinallyFreeAmerica” or another variant. Use your imagination!

Contribute to the campaign by visiting

Freedom Makes a Stand in California

California. Oh, California. The very word leaves the coppery taste of hopelessness in the throats  of political operatives who inhabit the space anywhere to the right of Karl Marx. California. The great American West.


For decades now, Libertarians in California have struggled up a giant hill of resistance to accomplish anything at all politically freedom-oriented. But what if a simple shift in strategy could change that entire situation? What if we could focus in on a libertarian strategy that makes everyone’s lives easier immediately and gives everyone what they want?


Adam Kokesh is making Localization the prevailing strategy of the freedom movement. By moving our focus to a strategy of localizing government as much as possible we will empower communities and individuals with the opportunity to determine their own governance structures.


Why should San Antonio be dictating the laws of San Francisco and vice versa? Nobody wants that. By owning the Localization Strategy the freedom movement can be the leaders of 21st Century political development. By making Localization a key part of our messaging we can move from being a debate club to being a political force.


And California libertarians can lead that charge. By signing up to be a delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention you will be able to help Adam Kokesh add a Localization plank to the Libertarian Party platform.


Here’s how:


Go to and sign up to be a member of LPCA before January 27th and purchase a basic membership at $25. That is less than three weeks away! This makes you a member before the deadline to become a State Delegate.


This is the “Everyone Gets What They Want” strategy. If you’re tired of fighting and losing political battles then consider a change in strategy. Localization makes it easier for everyone to understand that they are a libertarian.


America is too good for this government. The Localization Strategy gives us the chance to #FinallyFreeAmerica

Ben Farmer

Chief Strategist




Ben Farmer