Because of my commitment to delivering the message of FREEDOM! as efficiently as possible, we have reduced the price of putting a paper copy of FREEDOM! in someone’s hands to … JUST $5!!! Not only do we want to keep encouraging you to make FREEDOM! the book you share with the people around you, (see our great bulk deals!) I want to help you send copies to people all over the world who you think need to hear the message. Is there a neighbor that you want to get the book to anonymously? How about a local leader or politician who you wish would understand freedom? How about your favorite celebrity/actor/musician/etc who might be receptive? The price of an unlocked mind is now just $5. We’re always adding new items and welcome your suggestions for what kind of FREEDOM! gear you want to see. Although all prices here are in US dollars, we gladly accept bitcoin, gold, silver, seeds, and garden gnomes as payment for all merchandise. To pay in BTC/DSH, just click that option at the bottom of the address page when checking out. This store is run by The FREEDOM! Fund with support from Adam Kokesh. All payments are donations to our 501(c)3 and are considered tax-deductible contributions. Sometimes we only get to shipping orders once per week, so please be patient!

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