Freedom Homestead Project/Academy/Workshop



The Freedom Homestead Academy intends to host at least one annual week-long workshop to bring together the best innovators and educators in homesteading with a select group of people who can best put that knowledge to good use in a hands on training environment which will also be used to create open-source educational materials. This idea is still in development and we welcome any and all suggestions and contributions.

Aquaponics, Gardening, Greenhouses, Chickens, Other food animals, Slaughter/butcher, Cooking, Composting, Self-defense, Community Safety, Survival, Home security, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, First aid, Making toiletries, Welding, Woodworking, Off-grid power, Furniture making, How to navigate the legal system, Bitcoin & alternative currencies, Personal finance, Non-Violent Communication, Buying land, Pottery, Making clothes, 3D printing, Candle-making, Knife-making, Knitting, Home birth, Raising free-range children, Unschooling, Handling/riding horses, Glassblowing, Marketing/barter, Auto maintenance/selection for homesteaders, Brewing beer, wine, etc. Construction: Earthship, underground, cordwood, ceramic, earthbag, geodesic, compressed earth, cob, stone, straw bale.

56 thoughts on “Freedom Homestead Project/Academy/Workshop

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