US Department of Justice Bans Freedom

April 15, 2015

US Department of Justice Bans Freedom

Contact: Adam Kokesh
[email protected]

Last Independence Day, activist Adam Kokesh released his manifesto, FREEDOM! which explains how we can create a more harmonious and productive society by eliminating government. Recently, someone ordered a copy of the book for an inmate in an American prison from Kokesh’s website. The book was rejected, and on April 14, The FREEDOM! Line (Kokesh’s publisher) received a letter stating, “The above-referenced publication which you recently mailed has been determined unacceptable for the reason(s) indicated below: This publication contains information which poses a threat to security, good order, or discipline of the institution. (Entire publication)” (See below for a photograph of the entire letter.)

Kokesh plans to appeal this decision as soon as possible as per the instructions in the letter, but because it seems this letter was intentionally delayed, (it is dated March 25, and only 20 days are allowed for the appeal) his appeal may not be recognized. As he said about the letter recently, “I plan to appeal, but I’m not sure I disagree with their assessment. This book is not just a threat to the institution where it was sent, but to the entire institution of government. The truth is a threat to every institution founded on lies. As has been well established by legal precedent, this kind of censorship is illegal, but not surprising. However, I am flattered by the government’s endorsement of my book. The great irony is that the foundation of FREEDOM! is nonviolence. The horrific absurdity is that the Obama administration wants you to think a hundred page book about philosophy is a threat when it has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent children with drone strikes.”

Kokesh is an Iraq war vet who worked on a US Marine Civil Affairs Team in Fallujah in 2004. He is on probation for a YouTube video he posted of himself loading a shotgun two blocks from the White House. As a convicted felon on probation, any violation of the law could result in two years in jail. He still produces YouTube videos daily and is currently traveling the country by RV to on The American Campfire FREEDOM! Tour to promote the book. The book is completely open source and can be downloaded for free in every digital format including audiobook at