The tour is nearly over and what a long strange trip it’s been! We’ve had our home confiscated, two blowouts, two court appearances, 4 citations, 5 probation officers, a dozen vehicle breakdowns, and a whole lotta love! So to wrap things up this next week, we’ll have an event in San Francisco this Sunday the 20th, Fresno on the 21st, LA on the 23rd, and San Diego (Moonlight Beach, Encinitas) on the 24th. And yes, I’ll be bringing my new government jewelry. (GPS ankle bracelet monitor)
After the tour, Macey will be going home to Wisconsin to visit friends while I take the Earthship Academy in October. In November, we hope to buy a piece of land near Flagstaff to homestead and establish the Freedom Homestead Academy where we plan to host workshops on living by the values of freedom. If you’re interested in helping out with volunteer time, construction materials, expertise, or you just want a building with your name on it, drop us a line at [email protected] We might be inviting people to join us as soon as December, and when we’re done, we’ll have a big wedding party!
As always, we need your help keeping the lights on for FREEDOM! and now we are ready to get settled into a new phase of activism. We have distributed nearly 15,000 copies of the book, but even more impressively, we’ve gotten over 400,000 downloads of all the various digital versions. Now we have thousands of activists all over the country waiting for more paper copies of the book to use to spread the message. As we’ve been running out of books and have just enough for the end of the tour, it’s been tough to tell the most enthusiastic young activists I know, “You’ll just have to wait until we raise the money and make arrangements for the next printing.” Well, now we’ve made the arrangements and it’s time to raise the money! It turns out, that we will be able to get the next 10,000 copies of FREEDOM! printed FOR UNDER $5,000!
We also plan to bring back the daily podcast and the more monthly contributors we have, the more quality content we’ll be able to deliver. Of course, we’re also going to need the next 10,000 books a lot quicker than this one and want to keep getting them out there!
Thanks again to everyone who made the tour possible and who have made our activism possible! Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we will wake up humanity one mind at a time.


PS If you can’t contribute cash, I know you can contribute a phone call to the cause. This was a fun one: