The time in between …

camping bannerDespite the fact that we’re supposed to be catching up on administrative tasks right now and enjoying some time to relax in between the end of the tour and the beginning of buying land and building our home (and restarting a daily podcast and merch operation and …) the hits just keep on coming! We are happy to announce that our downloads of FREEDOM! are well over a million now and the third printing of FREEDOM! is on its way from China. If you’d like free books, sign up for our email list for the announcement when they arrive. Thanks to a generous donor, we’ll be able to send you books for just the cost of shipping, but only for a few days!

While we were in Seattle visiting my family for Thanksgiving, we had an unplanned run in with some #BlackLivesMatter protesters who made racist insults at my mother. Fortunately, we got it on camera and the video was shared by Drudge, which was good for a lot of views. Please watch to the end, as the message is as important as the spontaneous theatrics.

I’ve also had a few more adventures in legal-land, so please check out some of our other recent YouTube videos for more on those shenanigans. All I need now is a government-licensed shrink to tell a judge that I’m not crazy for not loving the government for its wars and police state and “justice” system and massive rip-offs. You see, in the eyes of the statists, if you don’t like their “official” violence, you must be crazy. Fortunately, many of you called in to the judge and the DC probation department to lobby for my freedom and I had so much fun defending myself in court, I might just try to do it again. Just kidding. We’ve got bigger problems now.