I’m excited to announce our upcoming national tour, FOR THE LOVE OF FREEDOM! This August, September, and October, my fiancee Macey and I will hit the road for 60 events covering all of the lower 48 states with free copies of FREEDOM! at every stop. When I was in solitary confinement in Washington, DC for civil disobedience, I started writing FREEDOM! because I wanted the ultimate tool to share the message as easily, efficiently, and joyously as possible.

Now in its fourth printing and with around two million downloads, it’s great to see I’m not the only one so inspired by this message! Because so many of you have generously supported this publication so far, we’re confident that your continued support will allow us to keep providing FREEDOM! for free. Aside from our off-the-record meet and greets before each event, all tour events are free and open to the public. To help make this happen, please buy a ticket to one of our meet and greets, and donate here.

As some of you know, we have been quietly building support for Kokesh 2020 behind the scenes. If that support continues to build, next summer I will announce that I am running for President on the platform of peacefully abolishing the entire federal government in an orderly manner and returning all of its land and stolen property directly to the people.

This campaign is not just about voting. It’s about acknowledging the destructive nature of government, and showing how easily we move past it. It’s about tax resistance and civil disobedience. It’s about thinking free and living free, without asking permission! While four years may not be enough time to build the necessary consensus, as long as the support grows, I will run until we win, or government collapses because we the people have withdrawn our consent.

This tour is taking our campaign into exploratory mode. How much support is there for this idea? Can we restore what it means to be American and once again lead humanity toward freedom? To show your support for abolishing the federal government, please support this campaign by joining the organization in our forums, support this tour by sharing our events, and support this cause by reading FREEDOM!, spreading the message, and living free!

As for 2016, I recently attended the Libertarian Party National Convention. Against Trump and Clinton, I’m happy to endorse my former Governor of New Mexico and long-time friend, Gary Johnson. If he wins, it would be a huge step in the right direction toward freedom. I encourage you to support him in your own way while sharing what you find beautiful and empowering about the message of freedom.

Humanity is on the verge of a great tipping point. As we free one mind at a time it draws ever closer. The violence and coercion of governments will soon be displaced by peace and cooperation. We work diligently toward that day because we have faith in the value – and values – of freedom. Please join me in this work by supporting this tour and this campaign with your time, your generous donations, and your commitment to the cause of freedom. We’ll see you on the road!