How and Why to do Ayahuasca

I just got back from Mexico a couple weeks ago and had the most amazing experience with ayahuasca. I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve posted two videos about this, the ten minute summary below, and the complete 3 hour experience linked in its description. I hope you’ll check out this ancient therapy that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Barry Cooper of Never Get Busted fame hosted me with his new business, Trip to Wellness. Not only was he an incredible guide, but the “Barry Cooper Scientific School of Ayahuasca” has the potential to bring this mainstream and make it much more accessible and affordable. As he says, “The chemical composition of ayahuasca is the same in your living room as in the jungles of Peru. You don’t need a shaman when you can self-shaman.” Please check out this video, and if you decide to book a trip with Barry, tell him Adam sent you for a 10% discount.