The Irrelevancy of the Presidency

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As you probably know by now, I’m getting ready to run for President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, responsible dissolution of the entire federal government. The proposal is to sign a single executive order to begin the pre-ordained process of dissolution, appoint “custodians” of each agency to carry out that process, and resign the presidency to become “Custodian of the Federal Government.” My only power would be to supervise the process. There’s nothing less libertarian, (and not much less ethical) that a person can say after, “I want to be President.” I’m much more comfortable with (and it’s much more accurate) saying that I’m running for “Not-President.”
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So why am I writing about the irrelevancy of the presidency if I think it can be used to achieve this great change? Well, it’s precisely because the presidency is irrelevant that this campaign is possible. President elections have become contests of who can be the best frontman for the government racket. The powers that be want to know who will best be able to pacify the American people.
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While I don’t know how true it is I like the Bill Hicks explanation of the Presidency. Basically, when the President gets elected, they put him in a smoky room full of cigar-smoking bankers and they show him the Kennedy assassination video. Then they ask, “Any questions?” And the only acceptable one is, “What’s my agenda?” It doesn’t matter what issues they campaigned on or what promises they made. They’re going to do what they’re told or they’re taken out!
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I’ve set up my campaign to work the opposite way. My entire platform will be carried out by a single executive order that will neutralize and privatize, localize, or liquidate the entire federal government. Because presidential elections have become the point at which the American people give their consent to the system, it is also where it can be withdrawn. When an overwhelming majority of the people vote on the record that they think America would be better off without the fed than with it, the consensus will be undeniable and unopposable, except by myself of course. Which is why I have told people repeatedly, if I am elected and don’t sign the order for some reason on day one, shoot me. And if my VP doesn’t sign it, shoot them too.
While technology has clearly rendered government obsolete, the challenge remains of how to transition out of this statist paradigm. Why not start from the top down and localize government to the community level, and then see what happens? (This idea of “Localization” is laid out in Chapter 10, Section V of FREEDOM!, available free at The idea of arbitrary rule seems ridiculous to the internet generation. I would (and will with a future post) make the case that the internet has already rendered war impossible for governments to get away with on any large scale.
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We are able to look forward like never before and so there is a growing consensus on the obsolescence of the current concept of government, if not government itself. Just today, Edward Snowden’s tweet summed up much of this sentiment brilliantly: “It was once impossible to imagine countries without Kings. A time will come when they look back and say the same of Presidents.” I hope we’ll have the support of people who think like Snowden!
Have you seen the various “Nobody for President” memes and merch? “Nobody can save this country! Nobody cares about you! Nobody can solve all your problems! Nobody should be our President!” For 2020, we’re working hard getting organized, raising funds, and spreading the message to garner enough support to put a real “Nobody” on the ballot in 2020. I hope you’ll join us in this effort.