There's never a bad time to buy crypto!

(at least until it’s completely displaced all fiat currency)

This is one of those times when Bitcoin is down and alt coins are down even more and there’s at least a widespread sense of coming off of a high from what I can tell. All very predictable of course. As of right now, bitcoin is around $2390, having “corrected” from a peak of around $2960 just around a month ago. For any other asset, this might seem like a huge cause for concern, but for bitcoin, it is a predictable swing in the process of – you know – revolutionizing how money works and displacing all of the world’s corrupt fiat currencies! No big deal. Cryptos are just the best thing to happen for humanity since sliced bread.

I would tell you that this is a great time to buy Bitcoin and any other cryptos, but I shouldn’t have to and ultimately is doesn’t matter if you do or not because the cat is out of the bag: fiat money is obsolete. If you care about justice and helping humanity escape from the rip off of government money, you should relish the opportunity to buy bitcoin at this point in human history. I’ve heard people respond to the price of bitcoin since it hit $100 by saying that they feel like they just missed out. “Awww. I was going to buy some bitcoin, but it’s over $100 now! Maybe I’ll get some when it goes back down.” Yeah. Don’t be that guy when Bitcoin hits $100k.

Until cryptocurrencies displace fiat currencies altogether, IT’S A GOOD TIME TO BUY! But right now is an especially good time to buy, especially alt coins. Yesterday would have been an even better time! Personally, I have a small buffer of savings in silver coins, (it’s also a great time to buy silver) and the rest of my money in three different risk brackets of cryptos. For low risk, that’s bitcoin. For medium risk, I like Ethereum and Dash. For higher risk, I’ve made a few successful plays and a few unsuccessful plays with some long shots like Dogecoin and Coinye and I’m looking at some ICOs now. My most recent long-shot success was Nexus, which I bought last December at $0.04, and it’s now trading steady around $0.80, even after coming down from a high of $1.70! I think it’s time to move that into the medium risk category.

If you still don’t know what a Bitcoin is, you haven’t missed the boat, not by a longshot. But if you don’t get in now and adjust your financial life to include cryptocurrencies as much as possible, your regret will only grow with the prices. My biggest regret may be spending so many $10 Bitcoins on the Silk Road! Then again, I’m happy to have been a supporter of cryptos from near the beginning, using every platform available to encourage people to buy, hold, and use Bitcoin. The future is here, and all you have to do to be a part of it, is buy yourself a little piece.

*If you don’t know anything about bitcoin, here’s a great place to start. *

While I’m not an expert on cryptocurrencies by any means, it’s a subject I’d like to get into more and I’d like to organize my campaign and my nonprofit to take advantage of blockchain technology to the greatest extent possible. So all criticisms, requests, and suggestions are very welcome!

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