How to investigate a murder without government


If someone hired a detective in a stateless society to investigate someone for murdering someone in their house and the detective went to this person’s house and asked them if he could search the house, what would happen if they said no?

Voluntary Interactions


Great question! I can only predict so much based on what I know of what the market will demand and what technology will provide at that point, but I can present one possibility based on my best guesses. If the person refused to have their property searched, then that right would be respected. However, if there was sufficient evidence as might be something like today’s standards of a warrant, such a declaration would be issued and they would be given another chance to allow the home to be searched.

If they refused again, they might be dropped from insurance coverage or security/dispute resolution services. If there was sufficient evidence and demand, the person might become an outlaw, in the sense that they are not afforded community protection of a common law court or be banished so severely that they would effectively not be allowed to leave their own property.

Of course, a few of the coming leaps in technology could completely change what is possible for accountability. Clearly, as humanity continues to evolve to be less violent, this might be so much of a freak anomoly occurrence that it’s almost irrelevant. It seems like technology is on track to render much of the incentives for murder irrelevant as we become exponentially more productive, intelligent, and capable of effective communication. What do you think would happen?

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