How to Defeat the Republican Snowflakes and Their Snowflake-in-Chief


How is it possible that the Republican Party can campaign endlessly on repealing Obamacare, but as soon as they get the power to do it, they fail? All they had to do was vote! The American people clearly voted for their “representatives” to do something … and they didn’t do it! Calling the GOP the party of smaller government is like calling a blackjack dealer your financial advisor. Saying the GOP is responsive to its constituents is like saying that the guy who’s got you tied up in his basement is a great waiter. Calling Republicans honest is like calling the sky orange. (Not that they’re any better than Democrats, but I don’t even need to drag them into this to prove that the very concept of centralized government is fundamentally criminal.)

So … why?! I haven’t really followed the recent drama of congressional Republican snowflakes and snowflake-in-chief, Mr Trump. I don’t particularly care to watch their fake spines melt out of their fake faces as they lie through their fake teeth. For a long time after Trump was elected, my pinned tweet was, “Any Trump supporters want to bet against me that government will shrink under Trump?” I haven’t had a single taker to date.

When Trump was elected, the American people voted for someone “to be in charge of them.” If you’re looking for a leader, you’re going to get a ruler, and you probably deserve it for not taking charge of your life and leading yourself! This could be said to be the source of all government corruption. If power corrupts, and we don’t want corruption, maybe we should stop giving people power! (Just to defend myself from the piss of the pedantics, I’m referring to political power here.)

So if you really don’t like Obamacare, and your answer was to trust the Republicans, I’ve got a government bridge to sell you. If it wasn’t obvious and undeniable before, it had better be now: the Republicans are the apologist wing of the Democratic Party. While Democrats are open about wanting to grow government, Republicans pretend to be about smaller government in order to pacify the Americans who still care about freedom to serve the same agenda of GROWING government. If you want government to keep growing out of control, keep voting Republican. (Just for the record, trying to get the Republican Party to reform or be honest is like trying to get Trump to … reform or be honest.)

If you genuinely love freedom, it’s time to find an honest foundation for that love, because denial isn’t working. Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt big government parties which primarily exist to serve their special interest sponsors. Libertarians are the only ones offering you a credible alternative. The only way that we defeat this grotesque government is to take it apart from the top down. It would be far easier to elect someone to dismantle the entire federal government than find an honest elected Republican, and that’s what it’s going to take to defeat big centralized government once and for all!