#TaxationIsTheft Tour Update

It’s been an awesome first week of the #TaxationIsTheft Tour, so I have to start with thanking everyone who’s made it possible, and helped host great events in Las Vegas, San Diego, LA, and Orange County. Thanks to everyone who kept us on the road through what has been a series of logistical hurdles from a failing phone battery to a rear axle that needed to be replaced to the tour manager, Ben Farmer, going to the hospital. But because there is so much love and support for this message, FREEDOM! rolls on! Or maybe it’s all just government sabotage. Could that be why the plug to our rear differential fell out on the freeway? Aren’t they supposed to put sugar in the gas tank or cut our brakes or something?

We’re very excited to be joined by Zach Foster who is writing a book about me. Crazy, right? So many untold stories are coming out for this! Our friend from Phoenix, Ashley Blackburn will also be joining us soon as our volunteer coordinator. My old friend from Veterans for Ron Paul, Adam House will be coming on in a couple weeks. (My car seats nine when it’s not full of books.)

This tour gets better with every stop and now that the message of dissolving the federal government is on the road, I can feel it gaining momentum. We are uniting left right and people who see past the whole left right paradigm against the common enemy of big centralized government!

We have amazing volunteers stepping up at every stop and I’m especially excited to have someone taking on the monumental task of writing the executive order to dissolve the federal government. Not only does it have to be logistically comprehensive, but technically and legally correct.

If you want to see more of the platform and what you can do to help, please check out KokeshForNotPresident.com. For our upcoming tour dates, please check out TheFreedomLine.com/calendar. And if you disagree with me on anything or just want to ask me questions, or you’re a fan of big centralized government and want to try to put me on the spot, you can do it on my Facebook live in the first hour of the event. This is like my ultimate version of the online retort, “I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO MY FACE!” Why? Because #TaxationIsTheft!