The Republicans’ new tax plan will save us!

Did anybody else see the news today? There was a huge press conference on Capitol Hill. It was breaking news that our gerrymandered overlords known as the House Republicans came up with a new tax plan! Speaker Paul Ryan says that the newer, simpler tax code will save American families over $1,100 a year. Hallelujah! The GOP did a great job today!

And when I say they did a great job, this is obviously sarcasm. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act actually sounds unsurprisingly (to anyone who understands government) terrible when you look into it. Instead of taxing small businesses for their individual profit, the IRS will impose a universal “pass-through,” in other words, a minimum threshold. Paul Ryan promises that the pass-through will be lower than what the average small business pays in federal taxes now. The National Federation of Independent Businesses announced it won’t support this bill because, if enacted into law, it will crush small businesses.

But what about the big savings for families? The Republicans are pro-family, right? Getting to ‘save’ over a thousand dollars a year is a big deal to many Americans, especially to working class people struggling to get by. A lot of Republicans are obediently cheering their team on Capitol Hill. After ten months of being quietly embarrassed by Donald Trump NOT draining the swamp, (or fulfilling any number of major broken promises) working-class Republican voters are being tossed a morsel to give them an excuse to feel a little better about their votes last November.

If you put this story in mainstream media fake news terminology, it sounds like “tax relief” (relieving you of your burden of being a slave to government?) … until you realize that they’re still stealing from you! That’s what taxes are: theft. Under the House Republicans’ new tax plan, the average working American will still be losing 12 to 45% of his annual income to government theft. Taxes are imposed on us by an oligarchy whose authority most people passively accept.

There are a lot of academics and political ideologues out there who will argue all day long how great taxes are for society, civilization, and progress. At the end of the day, nobody agreed to pay these taxes because no one signed their mysterious “social contract” and you can’t just go around imposing contracts on people against their will – unless you’re government. It’s this behavior and organized shakedown by governments that make getting by that much harder for families. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and today’s press conference, followed by Paul Ryan’s doing the rounds on CNN and the other big news stations, were nothing but political theater to continue the greatest racket in the history of the world.

What shocks me about all of this is that we didn’t have a serious tax revolt long before getting to this point where the average American is working for government half the year. We know that we are being lied to and stolen from by government. You know that it’s not “for your own good.” It’s to line the pockets of the super-rich beneficiaries of government. Taxes are revolting. Why aren’t you?