Government Interference Hurts Farmers

It’s a great day in Wichita, Kansas as the #TaxationIsTheft tour gets closer to its last week. Driving around Kansas, it’s really easy to see that agriculture is one of the state’s leading industries. Like other states that rely heavily on farming, Kansas has been getting the short end of the deal for years. Unsurprisingly, the federal government makes it harder for farmers and other food producers in Kansas to do their jobs.

The Topeka Capital-Journal recently reported how federal regulations cause insurance to become unaffordable for Kansas farmers. This is consistent with patterns that arise from government over-reach in just about everything. It does, however, distract from the fact that the federal government was already making food production more expensive than it needed to be.

The Department of Agriculture, the FDA, and the EPA all have overlapping regulations on farmers and the food they produce. The legal operating environment this created requires farmers to insure all their crops and livestock. Just to comment as a business owner, insuring your assets just seems like a no-brainer! However, I’ve also been a struggling entrepreneur. I know there are times when entrepreneurs can afford just enough to provide a good or service and make the money they need to get by, but they can’t afford added expenses. Government is an added expense. The federal government is the biggest added expense for Kansas farmers and business across America.

Another issue that local farmers fear will raise food prices is the EPA’s recent intervention in the levels of certain pesticides. The EPA wants to arbitrarily decide exactly how much of a toxic chemical is safe to put on crops. Every time an agency steps in, sets new standards on trivial details, implements fees, and sends inspectors to farms, it makes producing food more expensive. It makes buying food more expensive for the majority of people who don’t grow their own food supply. I’m no fan of toxic chemicals and I try to eat clean fruits and vegetables all the time. But if I were elected Dictator of the US, other people’s food standards shouldn’t be up to me!

How much of a particular pesticide is used should depend solely on the farmers, the farming communities that share locally grown food, and the consumers who buy their food products. The regulations set on any product consumed by the general public should always be up to the people who make the food and the people who buy the food, of course assuming that, unlike government, the people involved don’t violate anyone else’s rights or property in the process, and if they do accidentally, they take responsibility. They’re the only ones who have any business dictating how food is grown!

An immediate solution for rising food costs in Kansas and the rest of the country is to dissolve the federal government. If this government is peacefully and responsibly dissolved in an ethical, orderly manner, then agencies like the EPA, the FDA, and the Department of Agriculture wouldn’t exist. The cost of food production would drop with all the layers of bureaucracy and red tape removed. More farmers would be able to afford farming instead of being regulated out of business. We as Americans need to step away from this illusion of authority the government has over our lives, get rid of it, and get our freedom back!