Freedom Makes a Stand in California

California. Oh, California. The very word leaves the coppery taste of hopelessness in the throats  of political operatives who inhabit the space anywhere to the right of Karl Marx. California. The great American West.


For decades now, Libertarians in California have struggled up a giant hill of resistance to accomplish anything at all politically freedom-oriented. But what if a simple shift in strategy could change that entire situation? What if we could focus in on a libertarian strategy that makes everyone’s lives easier immediately and gives everyone what they want?


Adam Kokesh is making Localization the prevailing strategy of the freedom movement. By moving our focus to a strategy of localizing government as much as possible we will empower communities and individuals with the opportunity to determine their own governance structures.


Why should San Antonio be dictating the laws of San Francisco and vice versa? Nobody wants that. By owning the Localization Strategy the freedom movement can be the leaders of 21st Century political development. By making Localization a key part of our messaging we can move from being a debate club to being a political force.


And California libertarians can lead that charge. By signing up to be a delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention you will be able to help Adam Kokesh add a Localization plank to the Libertarian Party platform.


Here’s how:


Go to and sign up to be a member of LPCA before January 27th and purchase a basic membership at $25. That is less than three weeks away! This makes you a member before the deadline to become a State Delegate.


This is the “Everyone Gets What They Want” strategy. If you’re tired of fighting and losing political battles then consider a change in strategy. Localization makes it easier for everyone to understand that they are a libertarian.


America is too good for this government. The Localization Strategy gives us the chance to #FinallyFreeAmerica

Ben Farmer

Chief Strategist




Ben Farmer