I’ve been here in Decatur, TX all day and here’s the situation:

Adam’s bail has been set around $76,000. I negotiated with a bondsman (who has been really helpful since yesterday) and in order to get Adam out today, we would need to come up with $6,000. Obviously, we want that lowered. This is where you come in-

CALL FLOOD REQUESTED! Contact District Attorney, Barry Green’s office, and ask them to lower the bail for Adam Kokesh since he was illegally searched, created no victim, and the case is going to be dismissed anyway. DA Barry Green can be reached at 940-627-5257

Also requesting CALL FLOOD TO THE JAIL where Adam is being detained! It is very cold in Texas right now and Adam’s requests for an extra blanket have been denied, despite the fact that his permanent disabilities sustained while in the Marine Corps are made more painful by cold temperatures. The Wise County Jail’s number is 9406275975.

Time is running short to get these calls in today! Let’s flood ‘em!

-Ben Farmer