Stop the Media Black Out

Adam announces his run for President. Adam gets arrested. Adam goes to court. Adam does not get to see what he has been charged with. Adam goes back to his frigid jail cell.

In a very obvious coop to keep Adam caged, the government is getting their way. Adam is still not being released.

But do you know what else is disturbing? The media have blacked him out. They did the same thing to Ron Paul. We have to do something. We have to let them know that we will not tolerate a mainstream media controlled by the government who will not provide equal coverage.

If they do not cover Adam, it is no different than contributing to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Let’s tell them, they do not decide what we want to be reported to us. We will not tolerant anymore unfair coverage.

Call each of the outlets below and tell them there will be a rally to #FinallyFreeAdam outside of the Wise County Jail tomorrow from 1030 AM CT to 130 PM CT. We expect them to be there and to report on the next President of the United States!

Can you take 15 minutes right now and call each of these numbers and remind them that their audience wants to know what happened to Adam Kokesh?

KTXS- main line- 325-677-2281, tips line- 325-672-5897

FOX 4- main line- 214-720-4444, tips- 1-800-677-5339

SBGTV- #- 410-568-1500

Star- Telegram- news managing editor Lee Williams #- 817-390-7840

Express News- main # 1800-456-7411

Statesman- news#- 512-445-3851

Hearst- San Antonio express#- 210-250-3000

Houston Chronicle#- 713-220-7171

TWC News#- Spectrum News, Austin- 512-531-8800

Reporter News- 325-673-4271

Reporter 3#- 1-800-Texas13

Muckrack- 212-500-1883

News Channel 15#- 254-757-2525