Why did Adam Kokesh donate money to the LP?

Ben Farmer Gives Update

Help get Adam out of jail: https://kokesh.revv.co/wise

In Adam’s most recent statement he seems unclear about the money he has requested to be donated to the Libertarian Party. He has authorized a $6,000 donation which was secured from funds raised on behalf of this misadventure. It is NOT being taken from funds that were donated and earmarked, to go toward his bail. Those dollars have been set aside for the purpose of bail.

Adam is making a stand against the egregious system of UN-justice. Bail money is still in the fundraising accounts and has not been released.

A donation to the Libertarian Party in the amount of $6000 will be released tomorrow from separate funds. Because the amount was the same, there was confusion.

As always, freedom and love to you all.