A Gross Miscarriage of Justice & Political Prisoner Shoutout

I have been locked up for 6 days now, and have yet to be given a single piece of paper from the government regarding my arrest, charges, or detention despite repeated requests. All I have been told both verbally and by handwritten note, is that if I give them $6,000 I will be released. We do not have a justice system in America, we have a legal system, and it is a gross miscarriage of justice.The_New_Lady_Justice_LOGO.png
It was a great honor today to hear a message of support from fellow political prisoner Schaefer Cox, while I’m locked up here in Wise County, Texas. I also want to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to fellow political prisoners Thomas Costanzo as he is known by his statist name or you may know him by the name Morpheus Titania, and Ross Ulbricht, his statist name, or you may know him from his freedom name Dread Pirate Roberts. While I’m here taking a stand with relatively low stakes, these other three gentlemen are taking stands with much higher stakes, as it seems likely that they are going to be locked up for far longer than I am. So while people are excited about the immediate circumstances of my case and I am very grateful for the help especially with this incredible opportunity that we have coming up Monday morning with this call flood, I want to make sure people remember that these three other gentleman are facing much higher stakes and making greater sacrifices than I am right now for the cause of freedom.

-Message sent via phone by Adam in jail and transcribed.