Freedom Family Takes Their First Convention

Well boys and girls…we did it. Not only did we do what we came to do at our first Libertarian Party state convention, we did it in one of our shakiest states, and we did it with style.

We walked in with our home county of Yavapai officially organized and present (as it hadn’t been for years), we brought over five new registrations to the National Party, sent new blood to the convention, put disenfranchised liberty lovers back onto the scene, and we did it with suits, smiles, and FREEDOM! pins.

Arizona has 23 delegate seats to the Libertarian National Convention, making it a decent size delegation but not in the top tier of states in terms of seats. The state hasn’t filled all of its seats since the founding of the Libertarian Party there, much like most of the 50 states. This year, that changed. 26 names were submitted on a first come first serve basis, leaving three applicants as alternates.

But I’ll tell you something else Freedom Family, we got every one of our 19 confirmed platform supporters in first! Including nine year old Liam Fisher, the son of Adam’s Campaign Manager.

Below is a video of Liam talking to Nick Sarwark’s Campaign Manager Evan McMahon, asking attendees for their support:

That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen… we have just seated a nine year old!

Liam is potentially the youngest Libertarian delegate in party history and there’s nothing in Arizona or National LP bylaws that rules it out. Reflecting on the event, Adam said, “I think it’s a great testament to the LP being the party of principle that we do not discriminate based on age, even though the government does.” For all our Steemit lovers and followers, you can find Liam @ironburritoplays.

Arizona was among our shakiest states on The Drive to 985. From the precinct and state committeemen process, to submission versus hand raise, to the number of supporters on the state board in Arizona. And we took it by over 80%.

In the words of Ben Farmer, Chief Political Strategist, “Arizona has some of the most restrictive delegate access and rules. And so we considered Arizona to be one of the most complicated states to seat delegates. But since we have submitted 19 of the 23 possible delegates we feel confident this trend will continue throughout the country.”

This was the first time Arizona’s delegation has been competitive, and we’re just getting started Freedom Fam.

Aaron Askew,
Executive Director of the Freedom Fund
Arizona Delegate Coordinator