Unite the Clans Against Statism

Divide and conquer has long been a tactic used by statists to destabilize the freedom movement. And what an effective strategy it is! Our entire movement is based around individualism and freedom – of course we’ll have some easily exploitable differences of opinion about… just about everything. That’s precisely the point.

We don’t all like one another. We don’t all agree on strategies, tactics, messaging, or even goals. We are individuals who don’t like to be told what to do and don’t readily acquiesce to compromise or diplomacy.

And we are not going to defeat the statists by tearing one another down.

We only have a chance as one, United freedom movement. We only have a chance in hell by working together. We will all hang together, or we will most assuredly hang separately. Understand that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we should all give one another the benefit of the doubt. We must.

I am calling for Unity. And I am starting with myself. I, too, have engaged in these intra-movement conflicts at times and, for that, I apologize.

I have seen the real enemy… and it isn’t us. The enemy is anyone who wants to use the violence of government to screw over his neighbor. The enemy is anyone who convinces the masses that 900 military bases outside of our borders is “defense.” The enemy is anyone who perpetuates a war against our own people, including the war on drugs.

And the enemy has us vastly outflanked.

The enemy takes money from our paychecks before we even receive them. The enemy tells us what to think, what to do, and how to feel. The enemy creates policies which turn our law enforcement into meddling monsters. The enemy takes our children from us. The enemy imprisons more people now than any government ever has throughout all of the history of mankind. The enemy is big, centralized government.

And the enemy is formidable. It is the largest empire the world has ever seen.

We must unite.

We are not all the same. We are diverse in both background and preferences. But we all stand for liberty. And in the name of Liberty, let us all unite.


Libertas Perfundet Omnia Luce,

Ben Farmer
Chief Strategist

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