Only a fool …

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In the current debate about school security in light of the recent shooting in Florida, the wisdom of Malcolm X seems to brilliantly cut through the noise. In the wake of every major school shooting in America there is a huge debate on gun control. With the GOVERNMENT AGENT WHO WAS THERE WITH A GUN cowardly hiding from the action, you would think people would realize that turning to government for security is a ridiculous proposition. Yet somehow, some people seem to think that more government guns are the answer.


Putting guns in the hands of government agents is DANGEROUS and STUPID! In situations where firearms can be helpful for public safety, they need to be in the hands of people who are ACCOUNTABLE! Government protects people from accountability and thus encourages the kind of disgusting behavior we saw in Broward County. But all of this talk about how to make GOVERNMENT schools safer is completely missing the point.

Government schools will always be dangerous. The government is the enemy of the people. Don’t want your kid shot in a school shooting? Don’t send them to a government school! Don’t want your kid brainwashed by bureaucrats while sitting in “cemetery seating?” Don’t send them to a government school! Don’t want your kid propagandized by military recruiters trying to convince them to kill for politicians? Don’t send them to a government school!

Government schools kill creativity and free thought. They stifle entrepreneurship and initiative. They teach obedience, collectivism, and subservience. Your government school honor student will be lucky to get a job with the company started by my unschooled kid. Or as Malcolm X said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

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