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  1. Dan Hall on March 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Facebook is a private company. The lesson all activists should learn. We can win. We have to make activism itself a profitable enterprise for any/all of the patriots. We can and should do that in the simplest, most straightforward way I have found.
    See: http://www.facebook.com/OurName4Freedom
    See: http://www.YourName4Freedom.ws
    See: http://www.TheirName4Freedom.ws
    On PC as this is a Flash Presentation
    See: http://www.WeSovereign.ws

    Make your username and .WS domain name
    YourName4Freedom at my http://www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws

    We The People
    We Sovereign

    I worked for NY Telephone from 88 to 10 in Network Monitoring and Analysis. Saw the evolution from analog technology to digital technology. I know EACH person can have their own, unique domain name of http://www.TheirName4Freedom.ws EACH unique yet ALL declared United 4 FREEDOM.

    And it can go VIRAL quickly, each person doing so very little, creating theirs, inviting just a FEW others to go through them each get theirs. EACH & ALL prospering more as they do this.
    Yours, http://www.facebook.com/OurName4Freedom

    With YouTube demonetizing patriot’s YT channels, this is good on Facebook more than ever. Using Facebook to establish each individual patriot with income such that each can afford to STAND INDEPENDENTLY when Facebook starts playing the same game YT is increasingly doing.

    Be Prepared
    I have my name for Freedom


    Go their to create YourName4Freedom (username and .ws domain name.

    Send Yours to a few fellow patriots you know for them to create TheirName4Freedom,

    We all become digital land owners with the common theme that can and will Restore Our Republic.

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