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  1. Victoria Higgins on March 19, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I respect & admire everything you’re doing for FREEDOM, as I have for several years. Even though, at 71, I decided to USE the “system” one more time to hasten the move toward FREEDOM, my goal should not be misinterpreted to mean anything LESS than ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. I saw DJT as a means toward that goal because he’s a renegade. While he is working within the system, and doesn’t truly understand ABSOLUTE FREEDOM, he is still making an effort to move us in that direction. I see the 2018 mid-terms as my line in the sand. If the end result (not totally the fault of voters, but also the “rigging” of the results) moves us back, instead of forward, I will be through with the “system” for the rest of my life. Getting rid of the establishment socialists and RINO socialists is my ultimate goal. Love you, Adam!

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