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  1. Dan Hall on April 16, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    The problem as I see it is “humans will be humans.” When money is focused towards a single point the humans controlling that single point are tempted, AND,,, fail.

    The KEY is to put the money FIRST into the hands (accounts) of the many (donors).
    We can do this.

    Each of us becomes the SHARED POINT of funds coming in AND when We The People en masse EACH have the funds we 1. take care of our individual needs and THEN donate with what’s left over.

    http://www.YourName4Freedom.ws creates Your Point.

    http://www.TheirName4Freedom.ws (likewise) yet NOTE the Concept.

    We are each paid monthly commissions as we 1. have ours. 2. use ours to invite others to create theirs.

    Our own needs include the funds we each need to go to events. We pay our own bills to get Adam elected. AND we can all have FUN as we do it.

    One of Ron Paul’s three main elements for HOW WE WIN.
    1. MUSIC
    2. FUN

    We’ve got 1. and 3. We’re leaving out the FUN. Result?
    BS like this video is telling.

    Yours, http://www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws

    PS: We simply need to OWN and declare to the WWW
    OURNAME4FREEDOM (Each Our Own)

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