Operation Big Easy Book Bomb Update

Operation Big Easy Book Bomb is proceeding according to plan with minor delays that have the books scheduled to start arriving one week before the Libertarian National Convention. The first payment of $29,800 for the first half of the printing costs has been sent and received and book printing is underway. Check out what 205k copies of FREEDOM! getting printed looks like:

(more pictures below)

I am making arrangements to make the second payment to the printer right now. We are about to receive the second payment from the Dash proposal and with that and the money from SmartCash, we can cover this second payment. The next thing to do will be to make arrangements for receiving the books from customs and having them trucked to the bulk mailer in Sacramento from the Port of Oakland where they will arrive.

The next step after that will be to make the ~$60k payment to the bulk mailer. With what I’ve received from sponsors, we should have about half of that covered. I will be working to raise the remaining ~$30k and whatever I have in my Steemit wallet will go towards this. This is why @Steemit is mentioned like a sponsor in the letter inside the front cover. If I can borrow against my Steemit account I probably will, but if not, a portion of the delivery may be delayed until I can earn or raise the rest. You can donate to help support this project here:


You can see my original post about this project here.
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