Hello, Steemians! For those of you who don’t know my media production history (a long and winding road and a long strange trip it’s been) I had a radio show for six months in 2010, a TV show for four months in 2011, and have been independent since then, producing videos, podcasts, and written content erratically online. One of the most important elements for building and growing an audience online is consistency. People need to know every time they go to wherever they go to find your content, that there is going to be something fresh. I have been pretty consistent in putting out regular fresh content, but very inconsistent in format. My times of greatest growth were the times of greatest consistency, like when I was doing ADAM VS THE MAN as a three-hour live podcast with guests and callers plus a scripted 20-minute show M-F. Now, my production formula is focused around Steemit, so here is my current production/Steemit formula:

(7 days/week)
Four main types of posts which will total no more than four posts per day:
1 -Up to 1 known person interview (this could be at an event or remote)
2 – Up to 2 “man-on-the-street” videos (I will dedicate if necessary one day/week to filming these and should be able to get at least seven good videos in a day)
3 – Up to 2 podcast videos (podcast will be just 1/week but very long, up to three hours, covering all the news of the week and answering email questions)
4 – Up to 1 audio podcast production/forgotten freedom fighter post/written blog post/special announcement/old video when relevant to the current conversation/special event video/interviews on other shows that aren’t on Steemit

Only these four main posts will receive a full upvote and if there is a need to post more content, like for announcements, it will be limited to one per day and those posts will only receive a 25% upvote. As always, your suggestions for topics for videos in any format is always welcome and I answer questions by email on the podcast, so please hit me up at [email protected]

Up to 2 original memes
Up to 2 candid photos
These will each get a 5% upvote and one will get RSed every day until that channel has built up some following and then be scaled back to once every few days.

Helping Others:
Six full upvotes minimum per day to the rest of the community (possibly more so long as voting power stays above the 80% threshold) distributed as follows:
4 (minimum) in full upvotes and RSs for four best posts of the day and introduction posts
1 for comments – upvoting comments at 1-3% strength until it adds up to a 100% upvote
1 in ~10% upvotes for good content across the platform

I am also following the @tribesteemup curation trail with a 7% upvote and encourage everyone else to do the same.

To bring people to Steemit:

  • I encourage people at live events and talk to people who are already producing content to publish on Steemit and let them know that I can help with resteems and upvotes.
  • I have an autopost set up on Facebook that posts every 24 hours asking people to #leaveloudly and letting them know that they can find my content here.
  • I promote Steemit content on my @adamkokesh Twitter account.
  • On Instagram, I regularly post screen shots of Steemit posts.
  • When I do interviews, I usually plug Steemit when appropriate.
  • I have buttons for Steemit featured prominently on my websites.


Some of the money I earn on Steemit goes to pay my producer, Cody Adams. https://steemit.com/@mickeybeaves. 90% of what’s left after that goes to my activism in one form or another. From now until it is complete, all funds available from Steemit will go to fund Operation Big Easy Book Bomb.

This is #mysteemitformula. I encourage you to make a similar post and help build this amazing community!

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