2018 Omaha Roads To Freedom: The Unconvention

Join us at the UnConvention and become part of the growing Liberty Movement! Register today for your chance to attend amazing concerts, listen to acclaimed speakers, and meet some of the most influential individuals working towards Liberty and Freedom today!

The purpose of the 2018 May 25-27, 2018 Roads to Freedom UnConvention is to inspire liberty-leaning folks from all walks of life and philosophies. The UnConvention will provide a wealth of learning opportunities in a variety of formats about liberty initiatives. The UnConvention inspiration and education will set the for celebrating of our successes and planning for future success.

The 2018 Omaha UnConvention is the first in a series of UnConventions to establish our bonafides as the go-to experts on promoting events and raising funds. The event-promotion and fund-raising base will provide a robust platform to build a full-fledged world-class inter international foundation.

The foundation will feature a comprehensive get-stuff-done activist ‘Patrick Henry Action Agenda’, Including event-promotion, fund-raising, entrepreneur support focused on peer-to-peer and block-chain technologies, multi-faceted outreach, messaging technique strategy, and bottom-up candidate support. The ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson Institute’ will train action-agenda activists and challenge the intellectually inclined with cutting edge courses on Austrian Economics, competitive governance, logical deep-dive root-cause analysis, and a framework for developing innovative solutions to eliminate the root causes of societal and governance dysfunctions. The Emerson Institute courses will be an incubation chamber to provide candidates for the bleeding-edge ‘Henry David Thoreau Think Tank’. We already have a possible international chapter in Lagos, Nigeria. The foundation will collaborate with all levels of the Libertarian movement.

The theme of the UnConvention reflects the bottom-up mission and strategy of the Roads to Freedom Foundation. Our bottom-up strategy will offer support for peer-to-peer block-chain entrepreneurs to shrink government by building private-sector social service to replace government overreach social services, competitive governance, candidates for all levels of government to facilitate regulatory relief, and collaborative leadership by example.

The mission of the UnConvention is to inspire and empower individuals to go forth and do the heavy lifting for the liberty movement. Our UnConvention and Roads to Freedom Foundation motto is Freedom, Nothing More, Nothing Less, For All People

Welcome to Omaha, the new destination city where roads to freedom converge for an exciting event.

Learn more and buy tickets here: https://omahaunconvention.com/

For a 20% off discount code use: KOKESH

My speaking scheduled is as follows:

Friday 3:45-4:30 – BREAKOUT PANEL – Governance Reform – Adam Kokesh – Robin Koerner – Caryn Ann Harlos – Tyler Danke – Ruth Danke

Sunday 8:45-9:30 – BALLROOM DEBATE – Competitive Governance – Featuring Adam Kokesh & Robin Koerner in a sequel to their Anarchist-Minarchist debate at the 2016 LP national convention in Orlando

Sunday 5:00-5:45 – BREAKOUT KEYNOTE – Adam Kokesh – Topic of your choice

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