Technology and Freedom

Everyone who has been following Adam Kokesh over the last few weeks has seen the excitement that Adam has expressed over technology. I will not repeat the details too much here. I will provide links at the bottom for those of you who would like to see what Adam has had to say. What I would like to talk about is my opinions on where this technology may be heading and the value I see in our campaign in helping this evolution become manifest in the most effective way.

To give a bit of background, Adam has been discussing how our job as Libertarians will inevitably be realized by the world in less than 50 years. Libertarians want to see the coercive, violent, and destructive force known as the government either completely dissolved or at least brought to a minimum through localization. In his conversations on this topic, Adam points to several technologies that will take government out of our daily lives. Although he lists several technologies that are in their infancy that might make us capable of unimaginable freedom, two certainly are on the verge of coming into reality.


The first technology he talks about is self driving cars. This technology goes a long way to destroying the police state. Because around 40% of contact with the police happens by being pulled over by these road pirates. Having self-driving cars eliminates a huge part of the contact. Beyond that, the revenue generation that is eliminated by this, I believe, will have the biggest impact. Tickets for speeding or many other offenses go away. This reduction in money will make it impossible for the government to fund the harassment of the people.

The second of these technologies is Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Dash, or any number of rising currencies have the potential to make money itself out of the hands of central planners. The stranglehold that the Federal Reserve has on wealth simply will fade into the history books. Ron Paul’s dream of ending the Fed does not happen in the halls of Congress but in the marketplace. The free market is on the horizon.


This reality has made Adam think deeply about the relevance of our campaign. His conclusion has been that it is more important now that we have these realizations. Today, the government still has power. Men are still dying around the world to feed the monster that is the State. We must save as many lives now as we can so that they can see the peace and independence that is about to spread across the globe. This is true and he is right that even 5 years from now is a long time and the government can destroy thousands of lives, and kill many people with the time it has left.

Recently, Adam and I had a fantastic conversation about this topic. I added to the conversation by pointing out that, we do not know where these innovations will take us. Thinking back to when the internet really hit the world, I had no idea that it would take us where it has. Before the telephone or TV, people could never have predicted the impact that those technologies would make. If you think of all of the progress we have made as a society in just the last hundred years, it was impossible to predict where we are today.

In our conversation, Adam talked about the technologies that are arising, like a molecular version of the 3D printer. This would enable us to create just about anything from the particles in the air around us. He pointed out the fun idea, that this, quite literally, could lead us to become wizards. His vision included the ideas of artificial intelligence and robotics. I think it gets even bigger than that.

The first idea that came to mind for me is the developments that we are seeing in the study of light. Just the possibilities in communications make this exciting. Right now our cell phones and devises use signals that have been shown to be dangerous to life. Many people point to it being a factor in cancer. Light on the other hand might be an innovation away from those harmful waves to a benign one that is more efficient.

The second thought that came to mind is food and energy. If we can create things out of the air, then starvation goes away. Imagine the shock-wave that this one thing would cause. No one would be hungry. The welfare state goes away. Our time that we spend working for food and our heat bill is eliminated. This truly is an evolution.

My wife and I discussed this further. She and I are not especially fond of city life or modern conveniences. Sure, we like our air conditioned house, but we prefer to grow a garden, rather than go to the supermarket. With these technologies comes something that we have never had before, choice. This gives us the freedom to get as far away from the big silver city. Others, who like the city, can actually enjoy it. We can engage with others in whatever we choose without the government having control over our food and energy supply through taxation and regulation. Again, this equals more freedom.

Just like Adam, this made me question what we are doing. I too, see the point that we should save everyone we can until this change in the human condition comes. For me, I take a little different stand as well. The government is not going to just lie down and die. It is going to fight. Yes, these things will eventually neuter the State and destroy its stranglehold on humanity, but as it fights for control of these technologies it has the potential to cause even more harm. In Adam’s recent interview with Chris Rice on his show Rice Crypto, Adam eluded to this. We must take the power of the State to seal from people and kill them before these technologies get co-opted for the government’s misuse.

The need for people to evolve mentally away from coercion and murder is now. These technologies must be born into a world that recognizes the individual. Every human being owns themselves and that must be the computer systems view of reality as we move forward. As an environmentalist it is essential that the technologies recognize that property rights are sacred and are the only way to ensure a healthy planet. Violence is in its last days. If we are to see the rise of a robot/ human existence the largest monopoly on murder, namely government, must have been dissolved before the evolution to whatever it is we are to become arrives. It is our time to Free not only the American people, but the world. Together with technology we can see the bright, peaceful future that lies ahead.

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