Arizona FREEDOM! Lovers

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Fellow freedom lovers of Arizona,

If you’ve supported Adam Kokesh or other activists in the movement, then you’ve most likely already helped in making a change. Whether you’ve started your own activism, supported that of others, or voted with your ballot, lifestyle, or currency choice, it’s safe to say that you’ve advanced the cause of freedom. These actions are vital to creating a better future for everyone. I ask you though, where will this shift toward more freedom lead? Where will future fights for freedom be? Without a federal government and no matter how much we shift the paradigm, where will the fight for your personal freedom ALWAYS take place?

Your local community.

Communities are the future and they’re the present. After the biggest, most powerful, and most centralized threats to freedom, your local city, county, and even state communities are where the fight for freedom will be.

This is why I write to you, my fellow Arizonans, to talk about OUR local community. Without the federal government the biggest, centralized power structure will be state governments and the most direct application of that power in our lives will be at the county and city level. How important is freedom in Arizona to you? Hopefully as important as it is to us.

We’re organizing. We’re attending our city council meetings, our county board meetings, our state’s events, we’re running candidates, we’re fighting anti-freedom laws, we’re meeting monthly and quarterly, and just as important as all of that, we’re building a network of freedom lovers throughout the state who want to see more liberty and less unethical force around them. Even if you’re not a politically minded liberty lover, this network can benefit you and your presence in it can benefit the rest of us. When it’s your freedoms on the line you can expect us to be making call floods on your behalf or protesting at city hall in attempt to keep your life, liberty, or property from being violated. We’ve already done so.

If none of this appeals to you we can at least connect you with more liberty-minded people all around you: in your local businesses, your local neighborhoods, your city, your county, your state.

If you want to help in bringing about more freedom in Arizona, or at the very least get connected with local freedom lovers who will have your back, please email me at [email protected] with your name, phone number, and county. This info will be used to connect you with your local libertarian party (and fellow freedom lovers) and email/contact you concerning freedom related events and causes in the state.

Look forward to meeting you friends,
Aaron Askew
Vice-Chair Yavapai County LP

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