Adam Kokesh for President Interview: The Constitution, US Military, AI, Ron Paul, Rothbard

Adam Kokesh is a complex political and social force who divides people with his beliefs. He’s not concerned with whether you agree with him on the Constitution, the US Military, or Freedom. More important, Adam asks do you know what his views actually are? Adam says you should be the “alpha” of your own life. You might call him a patriot, or maybe rabble-rouser, but regardless of where you stand, Adam hopes after the 2020 election cycle, you will call him “the last President you will never need.”

Topics include: Adam’s background and youth, the case against his father by the SEC, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, the US Constitution, the US Military, libertarian thought, the US Presidency, freedom, artificial intelligence, and the juxtaposition of his run for an office (the US President) that he hopes to end.

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