Adam Kokesh Arrested During FREEDOM! #BookBomb Promotions in New Orleans

Adam was arrested Wednesday night in New Orleans, Louisiana while doing promotions for his #BookBomb which officially began today, where a copy of his book FREEDOM! will be sent to every residential mailbox in the city of New Orleans, which is around 204,000 copies. Adam, the campaign volunteer coordinator Elijah, and one other were pulled over while on the side of the road water stenciling the promotions with a power washer. Adam did not provide ID to the officers and they then proceeded to arrest him for what they said was “interfering with a police investigation”, however online records indicate he is being charged with “resisting arrest” which the video clearly shows to not be the case. Feel FREE to call the New Orleans Sheriff at (504) 202-9339 and demand they #ReleaseAdamKokesh! Watch the arrest video below.

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  1. Victoria (Vicki) Higgins on January 4, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    I’ll be calling!

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