In order for you to have confidence in this campaign, I want to offer a unique kind of transparency. Every week we hold a “kitchen table cabinet” conference call. It includes our campaign team, my production team, and anyone else who might be relevant to the conversation. It usually is focused on the business of the campaign and related matters. You can call in and listen in for free every Wednesday at 7pmET with the number and access code below. These calls are organized by Internal Communications Director Elijah Gizzarelli and you can reach him at [email protected] Starting with our call on May 23rd, all calls will be archived on this page below as mp3 files. We will bring the same standard to financial transparency and we will soon be accounting for every penny in and out of the campaign right here on this page. As of today, May 23rd 2018, our new Campaign Treasurer and Accountant, Angela Thornton-Canny is preparing a system to do that. Thanks for making this possible!

– Adam Kokesh

Conference call number: 563-999-2202

Access Code: 497459