985 Club

Freedom Family Takes Their First Convention

Well boys and girls…we did it. Not only did we do what we came to do at our first Libertarian Party state convention, we did it in one of our shakiest states, and we did it with style. We walked in with our home county of Yavapai officially organized and present (as it hadn’t been…

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Leadership and love. We heard you. We are listening.

Open letter to the American people who are too good for this government, Leadership is not difficult. Good leadership is painfully difficult. Good leaders need to inspire and motivate. They should create a vision. They should coach. They should be approachable. They should be tireless. Good leaders should receive criticism and engage it with love…

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The 985 Club is Here! – Update from Ben Farmer, Chief Strategist

Have you heard? Adam Kokesh is running for President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, and responsible dissolution of the entire United States Federal Government. Sounds like an idea whose time has come, doesn’t it? A project this large has many steps and goals to achieve if it is to be successful.…

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