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Dissolving or Privatizing Every Agency?

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Dissolving or Privatizing Every Agency?
« on: March 22, 2018, 01:33:17 PM »


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I wonder what is meant by privatization here. I am all for free markets, but there is nothing free about our current paradigm. The reality of our crony capitalist system is that it's an arm of the state. So I am leery of shifting control from one coercive institution to another.

I like Adam’s plan to make the Social Security Administration a member-owned cooperative. This is a model that can appeal to citizens across the partisan divide. I think it should be the first choice for transitioning those federal agencies which cannot be effectively dissolved.

Political rhetoric has appropriated and subverted many terms and values. Publicly funded and owned has come to mean coercive taxation and bureaucratic control, for instance. The principles of voluntary association and mutual aid have long been lost on society. This conflation of ‘government’ with ‘public’ needs to be remedied.

What if Medicare/Medicaid were to become a voluntary member-owned cooperative? It’s an interesting thought...