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Adam's YouTube Channel / Adam Fails
« on: May 18, 2016, 08:01:38 AM »
So I watched Adam's latest video on Youtube and the guy being interviewed said something that made me think.  What is the hidden cost of the transition to self-government?  Just like in the economy, when the government uses taxes to create jobs there is a hidden cost.  Companies and businesses that could have created other jobs instead are forced to spend their money complying with tax regulations. 

People's behavior is undoubtedly influenced by repercussions for their actions whether it be for smaller traffic crimes such as speeding or more violent, heinous crimes such as rape or murder.  Obviously, it's not enough to stop some people from still committing these crimes, but enough to curb others.  My point is not that there isn't a better system, but I'm curious to get everyone's thoughts on what they see as the hidden cost of the transition itself. 

This also reminded me of an interview I think he did on AVTM with Jesse Ventura who brought up the valid point that this transition will not be done in a vacuum.  The powers that stand to lose their control have a history of creating and inciting chaos in response to challenging the status quo.  This will inevitably be the case as the FREEDOM! movement continues to grow.

Raising awareness to the concepts of freedom is the first step.  I think promoting an independent, decentralized economy and community will help wean people off government intervention.  In the end, I believe a thorough, individual understanding of personal responsibility and accountability for our own actions and their effect on others will resolve these questions.    In the short term though, there will still be those that fail to see this vision of liberty.  They will continue to be persuaded and manipulated by those who seek to control.  How does everyone see this playing out?

What are the hidden costs in the transition to self-government?

What are the best ways to mitigate the effect of a vile, calculated opposition to freedom?

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