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The Federal District Court of appeals, 9th Circuit has claimed that the second amendment does not protect the right to carry concealed.
This will have immediate affects in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
It seems California will be the worst off of those, as there is no open carry allowed.

In the radio broadcast the reporter indicated that the Supreme Court should address the issue, but will likely not until a 9th Justice is appointed. The claim for this was that it would be difficult to get a 5-3 majority on such a hot button issue.

Article posted on NPR:

As of posting there are 2124 comments on the article, which can make for an interesting read.

Living FREEDOM! / Child board suggestion: Surveillance State
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:35:15 AM »
Would be a great place to inform others on ways that the State is spying on us.

I have a couple topics I would like to start under this sub-heading that I deal with in my work on a daily basis:
Vehicle Event Data Recorders: what is the "Black Box" in your car? What does it record? Who owns that data? Who has access to that data?
GPS devices, track logs and how to disable them.
Vehicle Infotainment systems: Manufacturers are installing a device that has microphones, video cameras, GPS, BT, WiFi, embedded telematics (cellular phone), and memory capacities of 80 GB or more. What is there now and what is coming?
Insurance and your requirement to assist in investigations.

My Mechanical Engineering work is in the field of Forensics, 80% of it involving motor vehicle crashes. I have some very intimate knowledge of these systems and others that I feel would be of value for people on the forums to at least be aware of.

Knowledge is power.

Florida / Palm Beach County
« on: June 08, 2016, 09:10:59 PM »
I am in Palm Beach County.
Getting started spreading Freedom! among the family and would really enjoy sharing beers and barbeque with like minded folks.

Anyone else in the area?

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