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Including a crypto forum was a good choice!  Thanks.  This technology isn't just a fun extra topic.  It can play a HUGE roll in revolution because it undermines the state's monopoly on banking and currency, its monopoly on force (which of course is tied to money), and its financial repression and exploitation of individuals.

Encryption and privacy are also very important when what you're talking about and working on is perceived as a threat to the people currently in power.

Tennessee / Re: Tennessee State Organization
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:16:00 PM »
Hello Adam Kokesh, Adam House, and everyone!  I want to represent my county (Loudon County, TN) and do anything else I can to assist.

My name is Ashley Niemerg and I'm a freelance computer programmer and budding entrepreneur.  I'm really passionate about distributed ledger technology (including but not limited to blockchains and smart contracts) and its potential to change the world by helping us transition to voluntaryism.

I think I can excel at getting the message of your campaign out to people both through the internet and in person in Loudon County.  I also know some tech experts who can help with encryption, cryptocurrency and management of donations, and other things that may be relevant to this campaign.

Please feel free to contact me at

[email protected],

cell: 352.400.9447

on Steemit:


Twitter: @apathlessland

Facebook and Twitter aren't my favorite media but I do openly support this movement on there.  I just bought a ticket to the event on Sunday at VFW in Tampa, FL, so see you then!

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