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Of course the response to this is always pointing at the nightmare of the industrial revolution. At the hellish factory cities, the great centers like Manchester and Liverpool, here in the US; New York and its Triangle Shirt-Waist, Pittsburgh and its foundries. Pinktertons. Thugs. Union busting.

A Dickensian monster run away without organized labor to check it.

The straightforward answer is unions. Then capital moves against the union. The union falls back on government to protect it from gross physical violence. Of course it doesn't always (far from it), opting instead to bolster capital.

How does a libertarian perspective reconcile with this?
Introduce yourself! / Aboard the ship of fools
« Last post by Adventavit Asinus on February 13, 2018, 08:57:21 PM »
Ahoy and greetings from the epicenter of the madness: Manhattan.

Please, call me Andres.

I'm here because I stumbled across Adam Kokesh a few months back. These are polarizing times and for a while I felt myself pulled, pretty unthinkingly towards one side. I'd taken to some pretty nasty trolling on social media, hurtling myself into battle against Trump supporters swinging blindly and without mercy. But anger is tiring and once this subsided I engaged my inner hyper-logical.

I began prodding. Questioning those still aligned, submitting reasons, facts, math, graphs, arguing dispassionately. I've well honed by knack for spotting logical fallacies, built a decent working vocabulary of these and know when one is thrown at me in the fray. My interaction with "the right" became routine, boring even:

Them: Jingoistic slogan!
Me: contradiction
Them: Empty-headed deflection!
Me: Chart
Them: Ad hominem!
Me: logical Fallacy
Them: Binary over-simplification of the world!
Me: sigh

Deciding to stretch myself, I next assailed "the left". I was not surprised to find more of the same, the exact same attitude, the nerve that I should criticize the high and mighty Hillary.

I'm here because I find in Mr Kokesh's thinking the simplicity of if A, then B hence C. I like that, free of dogma and well reasoned


A clean and invigorating breath of fresh air. I have joined this forum in order to explore the limits of libertarian philosophy.

I find myself reluctant to take up the moniker, indeed I hope to understand why you have (if you have). I feel as though the moment I don this name, along with it I must now defend its shortcomings. How have you handled this?

Lastly, I wish to explore this -very well, I am a libertarian: now what?

I look forward to getting to know you, to growing in the strength and sharpness of our ideas and in giving clear and resounding voice to a right and moral cause.


Introduce yourself! / From Buenos Aires, Argentina
« Last post by juanlentino on February 09, 2018, 08:31:19 AM »
Hi everyone!
This is Juan from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I love Adam's book and I recommended it to people in traditional political parties here (there's one of them that's 100 years old).
Trying to make people realize freedom is the best thing that can happen and, by doing that, people can start to embrace it as a way to live and something to live by.
International Support / Support from Argentina!
« Last post by juanlentino on February 09, 2018, 08:25:37 AM »
Here we are. This is Juan from Buenos Aires, Argentina supporting Adam.
We'd need someone like him to start the freedom revolution and make the traditional political parties nervous.
Blunt, broad stroke economic pressure can bring about the end of the federal government. Until that time, a tiny fee administered by the federal government on automated payment transactions (exempting cash and cryptocurrencies) would radically downsize the finance industry and eliminate the IRS as we know it today. Replacing entitlements with a Citizen's Dividend would create populist pressure to decrease all government spending. Across the board changes like these appeal to people's sense of fairness. A "Golden Handshake" to address the inevitable economic chaos shows caring. "Fair and Caring" is a great slogan and simplicity sells. One paragraph and you have almost all of "The Golden Handshake" platform.

Calling the platform, "The Golden Handshake" would give Adam the advantage of telling it like it is: jobs are going away and you will be compensated. Plus, until it is no longer necessary, the fee on automated transactions (APT) creates a demand for highly skilled government workers, but not a lot of them. That demand would be great for the labor force generally. The APT means not even a postcard size tax return. Instead you have the power to choose what you pay the federal government because that depends on what you choose to buy. The rate is so low, under 3%, that even poor people will be paying lower taxes and not paying a tax preparation service, CPA, or tax attorney.

Because I'm a libertarian socialist, I would also nationalize the healthcare industry. And because immigration must be addressed in the short term, I think admission should be based on paying a fee (that, like the fee on transactions, could rise or fall as needed) and nothing else. No Green Cards, just receipts. I would also make receiving the CD contingent on voting and digitize all voting, because digital voting is inevitable and it could compel people to participate in their democracy. I also support Ranked Choice Voting. But that's me. I have no problem with identity cards, as long as the alternative is an in face meeting with a government case worker who would basically hold such a card for a person who does not want to leave a "paper" trail.

Thank you, Adam, for trying to eliminate the killing machine. I'll probably vote for you, if just for that reason.
Colorado / Re: Colorado State Organization
« Last post by TruthAbides on January 02, 2018, 07:26:32 PM »
Hello freedom lovers, my name is Jim Whitaker and I live in Pueblo Country. 
email is [email protected]
phone 719-565-9441
I would like to help in some capacity.
Strategy/Organization/Ideas / Another way to end government through Exchange
« Last post by sebasslash on December 28, 2017, 10:19:00 PM »
I have thought about different ways to end government without leaving power vacuums and just having another government arise, and, as a man of science (whatever that means), I believe in the power of proof of concept. Adam's way was one we could achieve the transition from government to none, but I envisioned another method that would serve as a grandiose marketing strategy for the platform. In short, simply pass a law, or amendment, or whatever appeases the bureaucrats, that will allow investors to purchase land off the government...entirely. Through these principles, investors can design new cities by allowing competing firms to install the necessary mechanisms that make modern society possible (law, protection, insurance, etc.), and in turn make capitalism function properly. Without extensive regulations that deter competition, many aspiring entrepreneurs will be enticed to set up shop in these cities and provide services that otherwise might have been more expensive in a state-run city. People, realizing how cheap and advanced the innovation is making such cities, would flock from their more expensive homes. By showing that true free market capitalism does lower cost of living while vastly increasing living quality for all, the older cities will simply adopt the models in suit. And best of all, it doesn't have to be done by becoming a part of the machine we are trying to kill.

While this is a very brief overview, what is wrong with my model? Let me know your thoughts and concerns.

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