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It takes commitment. I'm still weaning myself off the US dollar as much as possible - but I'm nowhere near that point, and I think one would have to be a pretty savvy digital currency aficionado to be close to being completely off of government fiat currencies.

A good / easy way to start is to just buy some Bitcoin on Coinbase and use it to donate to organizations you support. I.e. Wikileaks, etc. Find merchants with stuff you like and use it there - chances are good that if you're here, there are people selling things you want who accept Bitcoin. Go to Porcfest and buy your ticket with Bitcoin.

If you;re worried about volatility with the currency, one way to mitigate that is to buy Bitcoin immediately before or after making a purchase with btc. Kind of like an instant conversion from fiat to btc at the time of transaction.

Living FREEDOM! / Re: I Am seeking land in juniper ranch
« on: June 04, 2016, 11:45:55 PM »
Adam. Why'd you decide on AZ for Freedom Ranch?

I believe to be one of the most pervasive misconceptions the notion that individual freedom is synonymous with or produces safety. Safety is subjective, no? Everyone has their own subjective fears which set their subjective foundations on which they construct a paradigm. Evolutionarily, I personally believe we are still far from being advanced enough as a specie to live in absolute peace. So, it's not without risk that we take on the responsibility of self-sufficiency and a personal safety - which in my opinion are the same. Getting somewhat off-topic.

We already have a private military confronting us. There are several existing in many nation-states. MIlitarized police, TSA, DHS, DEA, ATF etc, and military weapons producers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, etc. All of these entities necessarily depend on syphoning wealth from the populace in the form of taxation in order to fund their agendas.

Over the past two hundred or so years the world has seen a rapid and exponential increase in the police state. It is indisputable in my opinion. From political prisoners to the hundreds of millions of innocents mass-murdered in the past century alone, in order to economically cripple "non-allied" nations, by military forces. Supporting the view that this taxation based funding is necessary.

I would rather face small arms than air-strikes, missiles, and even nukes.

Just my quick 2 while i have a sec!

Anyone have any experience with Dark Wallet?


I chair the comittee for the cryptocurrency Ultracoin, I have been helping lead the project for about two years now, I'd love to do a post explaining cryptocurrency, how it works, and what it does for the cause of FREEDOM!

Go for it...

Strategy/Organization/Ideas / Re: Secession through geography
« on: April 30, 2016, 11:48:13 PM »
I'm sure some of you have heard of the free state project. A movement to get 20,000 liberty minded folks into Maine.
Hey Trev, not to knit-pick, but it's actually New Hampshire, which, incidentally, afaik, is the only state that, upon joining the union, included a term which reserved the right to secede as a condition in so doing.

But I agree: secession is small fries, and in itself an act of subservience. Fuck asking for freedom. Just make the authority increasingly irrelevant and obsolete, both of which it is already becoming with technological advancement and economic failure.

Achieving FREEDOM! ?

Why'd you decide to nix it? I guess that makes sense though, depending on the focus of the sight. Decentralized digital currencies seem like an obvious and necessary component though.

I for one still have tons of questions, mostly about how to implement crytocurrencies into my daily life. I use Coinbase but think it sucks for various reasons, but I'll hold back on that until a subforum is created, if you decide to create it...

Activism projects/Strategy/Winning Converts / Re: Logic deniers
« on: April 30, 2016, 12:20:18 PM »

Hey Adam,

Why no crypto-currency forum?



Does your argument presume that the thief has no intention of making the store owner whole after the fact? This would be unacceptable in my opinion. While I can think of many ways that stealing food can be avoided - after all, it grows out of the ground and can be found in abundance in trash cans, road kill, insects, etc., I believe that if someone is truly starving, it is not immoral to steal food so long as the thief confesses and offers recompense - perhaps in the form of labor.

My position is that while morality is often a binary thing, this isn't always the case - especially in situations of survival where an isolated incident of petty theft may be a life-saving act.

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