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Alternative Currency & Voluntary Taxes

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Alternative Currency & Voluntary Taxes
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Alternative currency which is equal to the local currency save a small percentage (at least 1 of the smallest denomination of the local currency) which is transferred into the Voluntary Tax Account (VTA) upon exchange at the Voluntary Tax Bank (VTB).

For example: One would go to the VTB to buy x amount Voluntary Tax Currency (VTC) at a 1:1 exchange rate. The VTC could be spent at any business which agrees to accept VTC. That business would then take the VTC it has accumulated to the VTB and exchange it for, in the case of USD for example, $.99 for every 1 VTC. That $.01 is instantly transferred to the VTA.

How the VTA is utilized is still to be determined but it will probably be by popular vote until a more perfect system is accepted.