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Pull those pants on. Its time to get active.

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Pull those pants on. Its time to get active.
« on: June 23, 2016, 12:26:49 AM »


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There is a ideological war going on in this country that we need to metaphorically fight head on.

Lets face it. We are not high in number compared to the liberals and conservatives. So we need to make a quick response network so that we may organize our movement more quickly and effectively. We need more grass roots involvement. Just 1 hour more a week will be alot more then what Republican and Democrat voters do for their party. This isnt just liking a page on facebook or retweeting something. (Even though hijacking a stupid democrat hashtag does help)

Some goals we need to achieve before 2018.

Libertarian political party needs to grow. How much you might ask. Well it needs to get at least on average %15 polls for its candidates to even appear on the national debate with Democrats and Republicans.

We need to be more active with FIJA organization. There was a bill that just passed in NH that makes it a requirement for a jurry to be fully informed of their rights and jury nullification. We need this bill in every state.

We also need more grass root support. Being that we need people to go to court houses and tell people about jury nullification.

We need to be more acquainted with CopBlock. We will need their help in case someone somehow gets arrested for telling people about jury nullification. Atleast it will get some news effort.

We need to create more edgy signs and posters and stickers just to get the word out. Stuff like "Google Jury Nullification"
"Google Voluntaryism" Signs that talk about how both sides are wrong. As long as we can make people on both sides of the spectrum feel as if their party doesn't completely suit them, there is another choice.

We need more youtube on the street talkers like adam kokesh. Follow his example.
When you talk to people ask them where they feel.
But imply that they seem like they are independents or that another option exists.
As long as you can get them to admit they their party is not PERFECT, exploit off that.
What they don't like is key remember that. If they bash republicans, you bash with them. If they bash Democrats you bash with them. No matter what don't go full Chantwell on them. Make the feel they are right but slightly misguided. But at the same time you make them feel that they are in the wrong crowd.
If they are swing left, then you talk about libertarian social issues.
If they swing right talk about libertarian fiscal issues.
Don't say anything about the libertarian platform un till the end. If you say it to early then they feel like you are a salesman trying to sell them an ideology.

For example.
You fellow ancap : "Are you a Hillary supporter or a trump supporter?" (This is perfect because its so polarizing)
They: "Im not eather or, Im a bernie supporter."

You: "Oh that's great! So you are also for decriminalization of drugs and release of prisoners for nonviolent crimes. You seem pretty "INFORMED" regarding social issues. But how do you feel about his economic policies knowing that they will not run a profit and the country is 20 Trillion in debt?
They: "I don't know? Taxes on the higher class." (They wont know how to respond to this because the econ retarded.)

You: "Well what if I told you their was someone with the exact same stance on those issues as YOU, with a sound economic plan, they currently have their parties nomination, without the skeletons in their closet or is isn't racist or is economically illiterate."

Them: "Go on."

You: "By the looks of it you are not even a (D/R) at all you are a libertarian at heart. You said you (1/2/3)
(1 Are for the decriminalization of drugs and nonviolent crimes) Democrat
(2 Are for a economic reform that leans away from use of tax payer funded subsidies) Republican
(3 Believe that our amendments are being taken away from both parties) Independent
so that means you don't really truly fit in the two party cycle. And their fore you would feel more comfortable as a libertarian because they hold more of your views." (Most people are social liberals and economic conservatives without knowing it.)

Its important to have them frame themselves the way you want them but make them think they are becoming more sure of themselves. Exploit what they don't like. That is the hole in the door. Complement them.

Use this site for example. Its so easy to frame the questions and have them be loaded to fit the needs of libertarians.

Currently we need to target bernie supporters the most. #BernieOrBust is a hashtag we NEED to highjack.

We need a few programmers to make a social media app for people in this freedom movement. People for convenience like to use a phone instead of a computer. So make it like WAZE. But more inclusive. Daily updates from freedom loves all over the US.

We need more people hijacking the political rallies near them. By libertarians being at these talks and doing community outreach it is easier to introduce libertarianism.

Lose the beards. This is a stereotype that we all (libertarians) are survivalist conspiracy theorists. (Even though we are lowkey :p). Even though not every libertarian is conspiracy theorist, but every conspiracy theorist is a libertarian. Looks matter. And If we are going to win this, we need to look creditable. Dont bring up 911. And if you do don't say the gov did it. (Even though cough cough). Just imply that saudi arabia was responsible and that iraq was not. Thats the most we can go.

Stop Pissing off Chris Chantwell. When people think of libertarians they think of him. Even though he is spot on with everything we need the image to look like Stefan Molyneux, or adam kokesh. Its not the ideology that we have a problem with, its the first impression. Get clean cut. If the Us was in a civil war tomorrow Chantwell is our guy. But intell the first shot is made Adam his here for the front of PR.

Very simple don't get naked on stage. Keep it simple. Like drink wine or smoke a Jay on stage. Its good publicity not bad publicity.  I seen 5 minutes of LP debate and it was more stimulating then the entire GOP and Dem convention.


Re: Pull those pants on. Its time to get active.
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I've long hoped that Adam's lead on youtube videos would spur more people with personality to get out there and start talking to people on the street. It's so obvious in Adam's interviews that tons of people are already almost ideologically voluntaryist - you just have to demonstrate that to them. Youtube is such a powerful medium for this.

I wonder if Adam ever has people send him links to their videos? Propping up other activists with his audience could certainly embolden them to make more videos...

Re: Pull those pants on. Its time to get active.
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Can I be active without pants?

Pull those pants on Its time to get active
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HI all,

I entered a mission that requires you to trap one ghost within one day to get the rewards from the Easter mission. Mission will start on Macrh 31st, usual time. I hope this works.