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Mel Bundy - Political Prisoner

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Mel Bundy - Political Prisoner
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My husband is Mel Bundy. He is the 2nd son of Cliven and Carol Bundy. He grew up at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville Nevada where he learned how to live, how to work hard and how to love. He served an LDS mission to the Philippines in 1993-1995. He has worked his entire adult life as a heavy equipment operator. In 2006, we were married. Together we have 5 beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed daughters, ages 10, 9, 8, 5 and 1. Mel loves his family with everything in his body. So when his family was being threatened by the government, at the hands of the BLM in 2014, we asked no questions. We got in our car and drove. We found an army converged on his father's ranch with sniper rifles and first amendment areas. We began to call every media outlet we could think of and began peacefully protesting. By the end of the week and after suffering much abuse, the sheriff came, the feds backed down and we went home. On March 3, 2016, over 700 days after our protest ended, my husband was stolen from my daughters and I, leaving me to raise 5 girls including a 2 month old baby on my own. It has been difficult because I have no degree or furthered education and I believe welfare is taxation without representation and theft from good hardworking men and women scraping to get by. He has no court date scheduled, even stated by the prosecution he can "remain incarcerated for up to 5 yesrs before his right to a speedy trial has been violated." He is being held as a political prisoner for carrying the American flag on horseback. Everything rests on my shoulders but I will never stop fighting for my husband, my children, my God given rights and my liberty. This time has been incredibly difficult but as my husband says. "We didn't stand so our children wouldn't have to, we stood so our children would know how to." I have questioned many things but through all of this, I have no regrets. We stands for what is right, come what may. We must stand, every generation, to preserve our liberty. Many have asked how to help. I am not one to ask because i feel our stand was necessary but if you would like to donate, it will be gratefully received and humbly applied to the needs of my children. Thank you and God bless you all! youtube: Bundy - the true story
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Re: Mel Bundy - Political Prisoner
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Thank you for all the sacrifices your family has made and continues to endure for the rights of all of us. I helped to organize the first STAND By Me For Liberty events in Texas and continue to work with Ms. Cynthia Primm and others in Texas and across the country to bring attention to the major injustices the government has and is doing in these cases.  I am glad that Adam has set this up.  I am not sure what happened to the P3 group that was coordinating a similar effort, but I will find out.  I am one of those people you mention that are scraping to get by and do not have a lot of funds to spare but I try to do my part by sharing and promoting your families story and the events like the #STAND.  I help admin the Citizens Action Network on Facebook.  The founder and leader of CAN, Michael C. School, was at the ranch during that time.  I have heard from an anonymous source that there maybe more indictments coming soon for others that were at the ranch during that time and I hope that isn't true because the government has caused enough grief and hardships already.  Again, THANK YOU for what you and your family have and continue to do for the rights of all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the Political Prisoners.


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