Author Topic: Aboard the ship of fools  (Read 80 times)

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Aboard the ship of fools
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:57:21 PM »
Ahoy and greetings from the epicenter of the madness: Manhattan.

Please, call me Andres.

I'm here because I stumbled across Adam Kokesh a few months back. These are polarizing times and for a while I felt myself pulled, pretty unthinkingly towards one side. I'd taken to some pretty nasty trolling on social media, hurtling myself into battle against Trump supporters swinging blindly and without mercy. But anger is tiring and once this subsided I engaged my inner hyper-logical.

I began prodding. Questioning those still aligned, submitting reasons, facts, math, graphs, arguing dispassionately. I've well honed by knack for spotting logical fallacies, built a decent working vocabulary of these and know when one is thrown at me in the fray. My interaction with "the right" became routine, boring even:

Them: Jingoistic slogan!
Me: contradiction
Them: Empty-headed deflection!
Me: Chart
Them: Ad hominem!
Me: logical Fallacy
Them: Binary over-simplification of the world!
Me: sigh

Deciding to stretch myself, I next assailed "the left". I was not surprised to find more of the same, the exact same attitude, the nerve that I should criticize the high and mighty Hillary.

I'm here because I find in Mr Kokesh's thinking the simplicity of if A, then B hence C. I like that, free of dogma and well reasoned


A clean and invigorating breath of fresh air. I have joined this forum in order to explore the limits of libertarian philosophy.

I find myself reluctant to take up the moniker, indeed I hope to understand why you have (if you have). I feel as though the moment I don this name, along with it I must now defend its shortcomings. How have you handled this?

Lastly, I wish to explore this -very well, I am a libertarian: now what?

I look forward to getting to know you, to growing in the strength and sharpness of our ideas and in giving clear and resounding voice to a right and moral cause.