Author Topic: Joshua Gendron im new just saying hello and thank you to every one here  (Read 35 times)

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As i said im new and am happy to be here my name is joshua gendron from MA and im proud to stand next to adam on his journey to better the lives of all of us.  I am a victim of injustices and had my life fall apart after my constitutional rights where completely taken away from me over a bumper sticker saying piss off the librals buy a gun.  Long story but parked on side of the road a terrorist in blue who did not like my first amendment right decided to ruin my life at that moment.  Destroy my property arrest me on unjust charges and physicaly asualt me.  Wright a report making me look like a peice of human trash.  Arrested me over a prescription med perscribed to me i through away in my trash in the truck with lable pealed off.  I even got charged for two empty pill bottles with no labels that had my drill bits in them.  Charges classs c substance with intent and 3CountsOF LABLE PEALING.  LOL YA THATS RIGHT LABLE PEALING. 
NEEDLES to say after this my life was ripped apart i was paraded in local nees paper as a criminal lost my union job.  WAS FORCED TO GIVE MY FIRE ARMS UP TO FULL MILITARIZED. ARMED VIOLENT TERRORISTS WITH A BADGE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF ARREST.  nothing i could do but stand therevas my young 7 year old son stood there with me.  For his safety i had to just take it and swallow my anger.  That day spiraled my life out of controle.  Fighting it in court winning i was than set up by anouther officer who was freinds with arressting officer during the months of the trial and had a class a substance planted in my vehicle during a stop and arrested again.  Making it impossible to win my case and reclaim my 2nd amendment right.  Im all about banning assault weapons only the ones with a badge.  And if you read this adam thank you for the few minuts to chat with me this morning.  Knowing your position and how many people you have to interact with.  By taking the time to talk with me showed me how everyone is equals that each of us has importance so thank you.